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Today, Vince my hubby and I woke up 5:00am early in the morning. Because our Devine Mercy group in our Subdivision was decided to go to the Carmel of St. Joseph here in Lucena City (Carmelites). It’s hard to wake up early in the morning because I just going to sleep late last night just because I make my simple sideline income business beads accessories . This is the first time to attend the mass at Carmel of St. John, we feel so blessed that time because our entire co-member meets the sister’s madre and Priest of the Church and we also write in piece of paper about our request prayer then we are put into drop box. After that, we pray the candle praying area and the Devine Mercy. We are very thankful to Brother Hector who is the leader of our Devine Mercy group, he invite us in different places. The Carmel of St. Joseph is very nice and blessed church. The Carmel of St. Jospeh in Lucena City is another place that we reached.

Anyway, our group decided again to go to the Marilao Bulacan Church, to visit the place where the big and original image of Devine Mercy there. Our leader Brother Hector decided to go there before Christmas. Hopefully the plan was resumption. I am very thankful to the entire member’s in our Subdivision for being cooperated.


I took a photo during my nephew Vince sang in Wonder Park at SM mall Lucena. Vince does not feel bashful during he sang. Yes he sang even he does not mentioned the right words of lyrics but the tune is correct based on the right song in videoke player. At his age I say that he has a quick development. Because when he woke up in the morning he calls me then he count 1 to 10 numbers, then after that he asked me something he want to know, then I will answer him. I thought that he will review in everyday. Vince loves singing because every time he heard the song he joins even without proper lyrics appearing in her mouth :-). I was very happy to have an intelligent nephew even sometimes he is very mischievous. Anyway about the picture he was sang his favorite song I don’t want to talk about it, because before he sleeps he wants to listen this song. In her everyday listening he already memorize this song even he impediment and without proper lyrics appearing in her mouth.



Dirty ice cream or sorbetes is very familiar to us. In everyday my nephew Vince waiting the ice cream seller. When he heard rang of the bell, kling-kling it is a sign sound of an ice cream vendor. Vince makes it faster to ask me the money. Then I will give him P5.00 only for one cone. But sometimes I did not give him because I just take care himself to avoid the cough and cold. Dirty ice cream is cheap amount compared to the other branded ice cream. Just because of the P5.00 per cone many children can afford to buy the dirty ice cream.

I took a photo when he ate the dirty ice cream. The place is in the Liliw Laguna, during my SIL and I bought the footwear for our small sideline income. Because Vince is two years old he needs to put the swaddling clothes or lampin instead of baby bibs during he eat of ice cream. He feels to eat the dirty ice cream and I say that ice cream is one of his favorite foods.



Are you familiar in granadillas fruit? Anyway, about granadillas it is a type of

granadillas fruit, the photo is not mine

orange fruits. The color is yellow and the shape is round if you open you can see the seeds inside. Granadillas shell is hard and shiny. The taste is like the orange juice and the smell is like a guava fruit. My neighbor was selling the granadilla’s juice, according to him granadilla’s juice is not familiar to everyone. Because it is a new product invented by one of his friends. I also interested because the taste is good and perfect for the cough and cold. Then I was search the internet about the granadilla’s fruit. I was not totally shocked when I saw the fruit hehe; because the fruit was very familiar to me is called mirenda in our hometown and ordinary fruit.

I was happy for the new juice product of granadilla’s fruit because it is favorites of my hubby and my loving nephew. The one bottle of juice is cost of P45.00, very affordable price; the one bottle is exactly for one week to us. Because the juice is pure, I just take a little juice then I will add water and a little bit of sugar. Anyway, based on my research the granadillas is called the passion fruit. The fruit is rich for antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

granadillas juice


The display below is the footwear for sale. I took a shot because it looks good-looking and the footwear display is a new arrival from Liliw Laguna. Liliw Laguna is also known as tsinelas capital of Laguna for making durable footwear. Every month my SIL and I went to Liliw Laguna, to buy the different designs of footwear, and then we also sell in our simple abode. Just because some of our neighbors cannot afford cash basis, we will give their one month to pay. Our small sideline income is continue to operate, just because we’re loved the footwear.

Before we started the small business we think many times before we go. We will start a small capital. But the result is good, and then we will continue to sell the footwear. I think that the footwear display is perfect entry for co lor co lle ct io n.




I think many times if the beads accessory is a good profit? I also love the accessories particularly beads accessories. This is the first attraction during I went to the mall. I also looked a new designs and colors. Every time I bought the beads accessories I though that this is a good profit. Then I have an idea on how to make it and to sell this bead during I watched the kabuhayang swak na swak in Abs-Cbn. When the one entrepreneur was already succeeded to her beads business. I will compare myself to her just because both of us love the beads accessories. I think that it is a good profit, and making beads accessories is a good habits and relaxing to make a different designs.

Anyway I have planned to go to Quiapo Manila to buy the different design and color of beads. I will search the internet all the materials used for making the beads accessories. And I also looked the different design and how to prepare the good and elegant design for making stunning to the customer. I hope that my plans become succeed and because this is a fashion I will continue my plans. Anyway, wish me luck :-).



The photo below is the image of Mama Mary. I took a picture in my simple abode, because today is September 8, birthday of Mama Mary. I am everyday thankful to her for all the intercessions and help in times that I need the comfort, she have been there to listen to me and to lift us out of misery. Thank you Mama Mary for everything and for always to guide me wherever I go.


I Really Miss Working

It has been 1 year already that I am just stay at home. I really miss working again, to wearing a company uniform, to go outside everyday. Otherwise I miss going out with my workmates and eating out with them. For now I am planning to apply for work, I just try to apply a new company near in our place. I know that I am qualified for the position that I applied except for my age. But I believe that I pass the qualifications and I can still do anything. Anyway, I need to get up and try new things and I need to be strong for my family if ever that I will hire in the company. I am bored in everyday stay at home. While at home, I realized that there are lots of things to enjoy myself. Sometimes I need to go out to go to my friends, and to go to the mall. But of course I need to earn money to help my hubby for paying all bills and expenses in our home. I thought that I need to work again.


photo of taho

Every morning my loving nephew bought taho. He just waits the shout of taho vendors every morning just because he loves eating taho. I gave him 5 pesos for one cup but one cup is not enough for him because he takes almost 2 cups. I really happy because he loves eating taho, because everyday I was worried; he was not eating much in the morning. I thought that taho is his breakfast food plus his vitamins. I believe that taho is a healthy food, because is made of fresh soft soybean curd, arnibal (brown sugar and vanilla syrup), and pearl sago (similar to pearl tapioca).

Besides, I am thankful to taho vendors for his everyday present to sell his taho in our place. I really admire to all the vendors to their sacrifices just to give their family a decent life and support them financially. For me the kind of vendors is not easy job just because they have to beat the hit of the sun. But for all the vendors they did not mind the heat of the sun that burns his skin. All he cares is that he is doing it for his family.