Today, Vince my hubby and I woke up 5:00am early in the morning. Because our Devine Mercy group in our Subdivision was decided to go to the Carmel of St. Joseph here in Lucena City (Carmelites). It’s hard to wake up early in the morning because I just going to sleep late last night just because I make my simple sideline income business beads accessories . This is the first time to attend the mass at Carmel of St. John, we feel so blessed that time because our entire co-member meets the sister’s madre and Priest of the Church and we also write in piece of paper about our request prayer then we are put into drop box. After that, we pray the candle praying area and the Devine Mercy. We are very thankful to Brother Hector who is the leader of our Devine Mercy group, he invite us in different places. The Carmel of St. Joseph is very nice and blessed church. The Carmel of St. Jospeh in Lucena City is another place that we reached.

Anyway, our group decided again to go to the Marilao Bulacan Church, to visit the place where the big and original image of Devine Mercy there. Our leader Brother Hector decided to go there before Christmas. Hopefully the plan was resumption. I am very thankful to the entire member’s in our Subdivision for being cooperated.