The Divine Mercy is a Roman Catholic devotion to the merciful love of God and the desire to let that love and mercy flow through one’s own heart towards those in need of it. Based on my research and to my facts the devotion is due to Saint Mary Faustina Kowalska who is known as the Apostle of Mercy. Faustina Kowalska reported a number of visions of Jesus and conversations with him which she wrote in her diary, later published as the book Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul. The three main themes of the devotion are to ask for and obtain the mercy of God, to trust in Christ’s abundant mercy, and finally to show mercy to others and act as a conduit for God’s mercy towards them.

The photo below is the image of Divine mercy with a sign of Jesus I Trust In You; all of the members in MSK/Munting Sambayanang Kristiano here in our Subdivision have their own image. The Leader of Divine Mercy group was gave image to us. We also pray the 3’o clock habit every 3 o clock in the afternoon. Anyway, I also put it on the door of our room then I add poinsettia flower to make it beautiful and attractive, to the people who came to our simple abode.

 photo jesusitrustinyou_zps5767e156.jpg


The photo below is the religious statue of Jesus Christ and Mama Mary (Our Lady of Manaoag). I want to share about this religious statue, one day before Christmas they have a two sister who selling their product; they told me that their product is blessed and made for the fiber glass. The statue is 12 inches tall and has a good and quality paint. And according to them if you make a wish that you give the children the Our Lady of Manaoag is the answer and your wish will be fulfilled. I am a Roman Catholic and I need to believed what their told me, because we have been married for 9 years but we still do not have children. So, I bought the Our Lady of Manaog for the amount of 800 pesos and I was pleased because the Jesus Christ Statue given me as their gift.

Anyway, hopefully this year our wish will be fulfilled. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, faith him and believed him, and also we do not lose hope.

religious statues
The statue of Jesus Christ and Our Lady of Manaoag


Today, Vince my hubby and I woke up 5:00am early in the morning. Because our Devine Mercy group in our Subdivision was decided to go to the Carmel of St. Joseph here in Lucena City (Carmelites). It’s hard to wake up early in the morning because I just going to sleep late last night just because I make my simple sideline income business beads accessories . This is the first time to attend the mass at Carmel of St. John, we feel so blessed that time because our entire co-member meets the sister’s madre and Priest of the Church and we also write in piece of paper about our request prayer then we are put into drop box. After that, we pray the candle praying area and the Devine Mercy. We are very thankful to Brother Hector who is the leader of our Devine Mercy group, he invite us in different places. The Carmel of St. Joseph is very nice and blessed church. The Carmel of St. Jospeh in Lucena City is another place that we reached.

Anyway, our group decided again to go to the Marilao Bulacan Church, to visit the place where the big and original image of Devine Mercy there. Our leader Brother Hector decided to go there before Christmas. Hopefully the plan was resumption. I am very thankful to the entire member’s in our Subdivision for being cooperated.


The photo below is the image of Mama Mary. I took a picture in my simple abode, because today is September 8, birthday of Mama Mary. I am everyday thankful to her for all the intercessions and help in times that I need the comfort, she have been there to listen to me and to lift us out of misery. Thank you Mama Mary for everything and for always to guide me wherever I go.



Every Saturday at 3:00 o clock in the afternoon we are doing activity with my neighbors. This is a photo of divine mercy goes to every home. And by this Saturday we switched our next-door neighbors. This is a good work, we pray rosary, novena, and sharing with each other, it also experienced when I was a child because I’m always with my grandmother.

Then one time we’ve discussed each other about the trip or visit in Luminous Church located at Agdangan, Quezon. One of the colleagues Brother Hector he is the lector or assistant of the priest, inviting us that we go to Luminous Church . According to him this is the one beautiful church in the Philippines, and it is different compare to the other church. Then I look at the internet and I saw the beautiful and unique texture of church. This church is luminous of Grace, St. Isidore Parish. I captured an image from Google, to attach my blog here, thank you Google. This is the pride of Agdangan, Quezon, hopefully we visit there, and see the beauty of LUMINOUS CHURCH IN AGDANGAN, QUEZON.


Saint Anne also Ann or Anna, from Hebrew Hannah, meaning “favor” or “grace” of David’s house and line, was the mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus Christ according to Christian and Islamic tradition, base on my research on wikipedia. My hubby and I attending the Novena in this church who answers our prayers and St. Anne give the miracle to all the devotees and people who faith and trust for her. The Novenas are held every Tuesday and there is a particular dedication or blessings. My hubby and I attending every 5:00 pm in the afternoon which is Pagsisiyam Kay Santa Ana.

This candle in this photo have a meaning based on their color, you can put pink color for the couple wish to have a baby or para sa mag asawang gustong magkaanak. The blue candle is for the sickness o sa mga may sakit. Violet is for the soul or sa mga kaluluwa. The green color is for the other wish.

Here is the way to go there: From Pagbilao, just follow the National Highwaygoing to Atimonan. Go past the Y-junction at Binahaan by taking the left branch. After KM post 148, notice that the road goes straight for a long stretch. Go past LocohinBridge(BinahaanBridge). In the vicinity of where KM post 149 used to be is a right turning curve. Along this curve is MalicboyBridge. After the bridge, the road goes straight again for as far as you can see. Then the road comes with a a left turning curve.

Along this curve, find St. Anne Shrine on the left side. Also in the same vicinity is the Barangay Hall of Silangang Malicboy which you would find to your right. You must exercise extra caution when driving to the parking area or walking across the road, since this part of the highway is a “compound curve”, meaning after the left turning curve, a right turning curve immediately follows. It other words, be cautious of incoming vehicles and the ubiquitous motorcycles.

The image of St. Anne Church and the candle garden. (St.Anne Parish and Diocesan Shrine)