Every Saturday at 3:00 o clock in the afternoon we are doing activity with my neighbors. This is a photo of divine mercy goes to every home. And by this Saturday we switched our next-door neighbors. This is a good work, we pray rosary, novena, and sharing with each other, it also experienced when I was a child because I’m always with my grandmother.

Then one time we’ve discussed each other about the trip or visit in Luminous Church located at Agdangan, Quezon. One of the colleagues Brother Hector he is the lector or assistant of the priest, inviting us that we go to Luminous Church . According to him this is the one beautiful church in the Philippines, and it is different compare to the other church. Then I look at the internet and I saw the beautiful and unique texture of church. This church is luminous of Grace, St. Isidore Parish. I captured an image from Google, to attach my blog here, thank you Google. This is the pride of Agdangan, Quezon, hopefully we visit there, and see the beauty of LUMINOUS CHURCH IN AGDANGAN, QUEZON.