Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon

Kwebang Lampas is located in Pagbilao, Quezon. This is the one most attractive and hidden place in Quezon Province. My family planned to celebrate the birthday of my father in Kwebang Lampas. It’s almost 3 hours from Lucena City. We are very exciting to see the puting buhangin in kwebang lampas because all of us are very familiar the place. Even though we are all from Quezon Province but we are not familiar the place to got there. So here are the some photos taken to go in Kwebang Lampas.
01The beach is small and some tourists go there to see the very nice place. But the amenities are not complete or in other word no electricity, no lights at night, no comport rooms, no shower room because the place is not developed but has sufficient signal for Globe and Smart and maybe Sun Cellular. The cave is very nice, sand is white and the water surrounded is very clear, cold and refreshing especially inside the cave. I forget to bring my camera inside the cave because I really enjoy going there. Well, back to the facilities after the swimming I need to shower but I said no shower room so we also bought the water 50pesos per 1 container. It’s hard for me to go there 🙁 because it’s very far from the highway and we need to rent the boat 2 times to go in kwebang lampas. But if you want to relax and to go the island like a paradise no, lights, no, comport rooms, no pollution the place is perfect for you 🙂 .
03I really enjoy the beautiful view of the beach, so here are other photos taken 🙂 .
one two
four five sixThank you 🙂 and God Bless!


Pahiyas 2015 in Lucban, Quezon

Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon is celebrated during the month of May in honor of their patron saint San Isidro Labrador. Pahiyas Festival comes from the Filipino term “hiyas which literally means “jewel/decor” and the people of Lucban showcases colorful and decorated street houses embellish with harvested fruits, crops, vegetables, handicrafts, kiping and all agricultural products only found in Lucban, Quezon. The town is located at the foot of the beautiful view of Mount Banahaw. Expect the biggest and colorful celebration with street dancing, the charm, clean and green environment, fresh air, ancient beautiful church and the hospitality of the Lucban people. The good harvest every year is the reason why Lucban has been celebrating the festival and continues and stronger devotion to their patron saint.

We visited again the place to view the nice decorated and colorful street houses. Even there are a lot of people there; we tried to take a photo to experience again because it’s almost 3 years we can’t visit there. Aside from the decorated and colorful street the houses are judged and the best one is proclaimed the winner. Every year, tourists roam the municipality to witness the decoration of houses.
 photo 11109713_10200629298850745_8398508465163907337_n_zpssdzlm1an.jpg
 photo 11224278_10200630301155802_4731075114943983026_n_zpsvyoim00c.jpg
 photo 00_zpseuhk0vzx.jpg
 photo 0000_zpsm5dpcxju.jpg
 photo 00_zpssbdtonat.jpg
 photo 000_zpsvayobghj.jpg
 photo 11280452_941842652502450_1315818735_n_zpsvxhxzma1.jpg

Flying the Kite in Camella Southfields

Camella Southfields is the extension of Camella Phase 1 here in Camella Homes Quezon Province. The marketing department was introduced to the entire property specialist, broker and other agent in Camella Homes Quezon. The activity has happened last month and the staff was gives the little competition to fly the kite in location of Camella Southfield. It was really fun that time and makes us relax and enjoy.

Flying the kite is great fun on a windy day. It’s also very relaxing.

Here are some photos taken.
 photo 10501825_800408873312496_5699438303309578978_n_zps93e8ef5f.jpg
 photo 10363408_800408983312485_4294836702657861049_n_zps01384d83.jpg

The property specialist was starting to flying the kite.
 photo 10175987_800409049979145_5931511080319662521_n_zpsba21a277.jpg

The Cinderella’s play

I am a uniting student at Quezonian Educational College Inc. School located in Atimonan, Quezon and last April 13, 2014 I took final examination there. That time I saw the regular students who are very busy to prepare their Cinderella’s costume for play as their final exam. So, after taking the final exam I also watched their play, but before that, I took the photo of dressing room, the make up artist which is very busy and support to the students, the costume, sound system and the preparation of the stage.

 photo 1_zpsed4fa57b.jpg

At 2.30 pm the adviser of the class Mr. Walter Delarosa was gave a short message before starting the Cinderella’s play. Anyhow, I did not post the story about the Cinderella, because almost everyone is familiar with the story. But I also took a photo of the Cinderella’s play on stage.

 photo 2_zps4ca03b2b.jpg

Anyway, during I watched the play I really amazed to all the students who played the Cinderella, because I know that they also have an effort and full support to each other to provide their costume, the students was delivered good and very nice character that they assign to everyone. I say that the sound system has a good sound effect because the preparation of the stage and the all character of Cinderella’s play were very realistic.

Here are the photos taken:

 photo 3_zps5fecbab1.jpg  photo 4_zps6813085d.jpg  photo 5_zpsc91cd136.jpgThe Cinderella’s cast with their adviser.

Thank you for watching 🙂 guys!

Bitukang Manok in Atimonan, Quezon

Bitukang Manok is a zigzag road along the highway of Atimonan province of Quezon. It is the gateway to Bondoc Peninsula. Bondoc Peninsula is a peninsula in southern Quezon. It is also the gateway to the southern part of the country. Well, bitukang manok is a famous zigzag high-way and it was built-in the reign of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Recently I really felt bored, I encouraged my hubby to go to Atimonan and visit Bitukang manok. From our home to bitukang manok is almost 30 minutes. My hubby agreed to go to Bitukang Manok. Anyway there were many buco vendors along the road of bitukang manok so before going to the top we bought buco juice. And then I was really nervous and shocked when I saw a motorcycle rider’s accidents. That was the first time I saw an actual accident. I want to take a photo but I haven’t courage to see him because I fell so nervous.

Anyway, after we saw the accident we continued our trip, my hubby was driving carefully and very slow because the road here is really dangerous and many accidents happened in this area. I prepared my camera and wait for something new to take photos on. But because of the accidents happened I didn’t capture the stunning view of bitukang manok. My hubby and I stayed on the top for a few minutes only. And then after that we went back to our home. Here are some photos that I captured.

 photo bitukangmanok1_zps458b85b2.jpg
 photo bitukangmanok2_zpsb6e5f2f3.jpg
 photo photofromgoogle_zps2c9ddaa8.jpg

This one photo if from google.


Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is a famous floating restaurant in the province of Tayabas, Quezon along the highway of Lucban, Quezon. This is a good eating place and bonding place, aside from that the place has a good atmosphere and very comfortable. Kamayan sa Palaisdaan have 3 branches in Tayabas, Quezon and I know that they have other branches in some places.

Anyway, we had eaten lunch there together with my hubby, sister, brothers, niece and nephew. The place is near in our hometown, that’s why we are planning to eat lunch there. We’re there at 12.30 in the afternoon, but the place is crowded and we had no place available for us and for all the guests or customers coming. Anyway, we are tried to wait almost 20 minutes, and then the waiter told us that they have one nipa hut available. According to the waiter our order will wait for almost one hour just because they have many guests or customer at that time. So, while waiting the order my hubby called the pilipit food vendor inside the restaurant. So, i shot a photo of the food. Pilipit is the name of the food it cost 7 pesos each, the pilipit is made of sticky rice or malagkit with mixed of kalabasa or squash/pumpkin vegetable. And then while waiting the food order we had eaten the pilipit. After one hour the order is done, and here is the food we ordered.

 photo pilipit_zps2c1ca15f.jpg


 photo insaladangmanga_zps74c7d6cf.jpg


 photo steamnaokra_zpsee5c51a8.jpg


 photo steamnatalong_zps550fb409.jpg


 photo crispypata_zpsc696a243.jpg


 photo ginataangsuso_zps5539b7f4.jpg


 photo sinugnonatilapia_zps8c70fec4.jpg


 photo inihawnatilapia_zpsfd3f88e7.jpg


 photo spiribs_zpsef5e1b43.jpg


 photo pancitcanton_zps18befc7b.jpg


 photo inkamayansapalaisdaan_zps339c115e.jpg

Anyway, all the food is cost of P 1800.00; the foods are delectable and very reasonably priced. And while we had eaten we are feel the good atmosphere and very comfortable place. By the way, after the lunch in Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, we went to the Kamay ni Hesus to attend the mass. And off course we don’t forget the picture taking :-)…

In Kamay ni Hesus!

 photo kamaynihesus2_zpsa1ea3de8.jpg

 photo kamaynihesus_zps57ec34d9.jpg


The Pueblo por la Playa is a beach resort located at Brgy. Bantique, Pagbilao, Quezon. It has Only 9 kilometers from Lucena City. The beach resort has a 12-hectare Mexican inspired residential and country club. It has a cool ambiance and very quiet place. The resort is perfect for the family vacation, company outings, for barkadas, lovers, any occasions, and team building venue. The resort have two swimming pool, one is the infinity pool. Actually this is a private resort, but if you have a friend or relatives whose member in this resort you will free to go inside, to take pictorials, eating and swimming.

Anyway my niece from Canada wants to visit this place; she invited us to go there. One of my SIL has a friend member in this beach resort, then she also contacts her friend and then she accompanied us to go inside the beach resort. So we are free to take a pictorial. Here are some photos taken.

 photo thestunningviewofbeachresort_zpsdf6221e0.jpg
The stunning view of beach resort.
 photo thecuteview_zpse36d60a4.jpg
The cute house looks like igloo, and looks like half egg :-).
 photo thestunningviewinsidethebeachresort_zpsb3b08115.jpg
The beautiful view inside the beach resort.
 photo thefamilybonding_zpsa108c00a.jpg
The family bonding.


The Luminous Church is a glorious attraction that one could see from all around the town of Agdangan, Quezon. It has 150 feet tall. Last week the all member of MSK or Munting Sambayanang Kristyano here in our Subdivision, will go there to visit and to look the beautiful view of the Luminous Church. We start our way of the cross; we are amazed with what we saw inside the Church. Our co-MSK member was touched by the images and statue on each station. And besides the wall and the ceiling are all images happened came from the bible.

There are 14 Stations of the Cross; the first station was started at the 1st floor of the Church. All scenarios on each station make the real thing. We are all heavy feelings in our heart going to every next station. Because the statue of Jesus Christ are look realistic. All of our co-MSK member are very silent and feel the prayer on each station. I really touch and emotional the 13th station when the body of Jesus Christ is taken down from the Cross.

In the 14th station this is the last station I feel that my heart pounds hard when I see Jesus Christ statue. He is looking down at me smiling with arms wide open, it means your Welcome! And I feel that I am in heaven. Sorry, I cannot post the photos because it is not allowed to take pictures inside the Sanctuary. The Church are open to all the people, if you are interested to look the blessed church here is the ways to go there:

The View from the top

The image below is one of the shots that I took while I am on the top of Luminous Church in Agdangan, Quezon. The church has 150feet tall. When I looked down I saw my red car overwhelmed by the trees, and then I just took a picture. I like the beauty of the view from the top. Even the weather is shady, still the green color of trees are lovely.

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