My First Time to Post in this Blog

I’m blogging for a long time already. Since I started I managed six blogs but had to stop two blogs because I didn’t update these two regularly. And I do blogging because this is my source of income. These two blogs didn’t give me enough earnings so its hard to maintain because I need to pay for renewal of domain. So I focused now with my four blogs but sadly I rarely updated them because I need new laptop. The one I was using was acting bad already. So when I need to post something I need to go to computer shop. I’m not comfortable going in computer shop but that’s the only way to update my blogs.

Anyway, this blog belongs to my sister-in-law. This is the first time, I will be posting here. I was the one who taught her to blog but because she is also busy with her offline work she can’t focus and manage this regularly. She wants me to continue this blog. As I said I stopped two of my blogs because I can’t manage but I am giving this blog a try. Now, I have five blogs. I hope I can manage because blogging in computer shop is not comfortable and sometimes I don’t have anything to share so it is hard to maintain a blog. Oh well, all the best for me on this blog hope to share more general topics.

Easy hair styling for you

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I Love Tayabas

This is my late post. Tayabas, Quezon Province is my hometown. Tayabas is known for lambanog (coconut arrack) and sweet food/delicacies, as well as tourism resorts. Tayabas is also known as the City of Festivals because of its colorful festivals. The city is famous for resorts, heritage houses, historical landmarks, rest and recreation destination and festivities. It is the former capital of the Province of Tayabas, now Aurora and Quezon. Today, I leave in Pagbilao, Quezon its 40 minutes away from Tayabas Quezon. I already visit there last February which is the Valentines Day. I really amazed the beautiful new Tayabas town. Before we go, I surely took a photo of the beautiful decorations in Tayabas.





Christmas is fast approaching its only 39 days before Christmas. Yesterday Vince, hubby saw the different style of parol in the street. Then I bought parol for my Christmas decoration. The parol is made from wire, plastic and capiz with shining Christmas light that gives the happiness for every Filipino during the Christmas season. Anyhow, paróls is tradionally have a star-shaped framework made of bamboo sticks which are then covered by coloured pieces of either Japanese paper or crepe paper. The most common form is a five-pointed star with two decorative “tails”.

Paról is an ornamental, star-shaped Christmas lantern from the Philippines. It is traditionally made out of bamboo and paper and comes in various sizes and shapes, but generally the basic star pattern remains dominant. It’s also retains its original association with the Simbang Gabi ritual, a series of dawn masses that lasts for nine days. These lanterns remain until January, traditionally removed after Ephipany to honour the Three Kings and their visit to the infant Jesus.


I choose belen design because it’s a Filipino term derived from the Spanish word for Bethlehem. Two or three-dimensional figures are usually found in a Christian nativity scene. Inside a barn or stable shows the child Jesus lying in a manger while Mary and Joseph watch over him. Oftentimes, the scene includes the Three Wise Men or Magi (with or without their camels), the angels, the shepherds and their flock, a donkey, an ox, and the Star of Bethlehem that led the magi to Jesus’ birthplace.



Pahiyas 2015 in Lucban, Quezon

Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon is celebrated during the month of May in honor of their patron saint San Isidro Labrador. Pahiyas Festival comes from the Filipino term “hiyas which literally means “jewel/decor” and the people of Lucban showcases colorful and decorated street houses embellish with harvested fruits, crops, vegetables, handicrafts, kiping and all agricultural products only found in Lucban, Quezon. The town is located at the foot of the beautiful view of Mount Banahaw. Expect the biggest and colorful celebration with street dancing, the charm, clean and green environment, fresh air, ancient beautiful church and the hospitality of the Lucban people. The good harvest every year is the reason why Lucban has been celebrating the festival and continues and stronger devotion to their patron saint.

We visited again the place to view the nice decorated and colorful street houses. Even there are a lot of people there; we tried to take a photo to experience again because it’s almost 3 years we can’t visit there. Aside from the decorated and colorful street the houses are judged and the best one is proclaimed the winner. Every year, tourists roam the municipality to witness the decoration of houses.
 photo 11109713_10200629298850745_8398508465163907337_n_zpssdzlm1an.jpg
 photo 11224278_10200630301155802_4731075114943983026_n_zpsvyoim00c.jpg
 photo 00_zpseuhk0vzx.jpg
 photo 0000_zpsm5dpcxju.jpg
 photo 00_zpssbdtonat.jpg
 photo 000_zpsvayobghj.jpg
 photo 11280452_941842652502450_1315818735_n_zpsvxhxzma1.jpg

Tablea Tsokolate

Thank you Asia Plus for the tablea tsokolate token came from Asia Plus head.

How to prepared tablea tsokolate:

  • 2 pcs tablea
  • 1 cup low fat milk/coconut milk
  • 1 cup of water
  • Brown sugar to taste

Place the tablea in a saucepan and pour the milk and water. Place over medium heat and allow it to boil. Cook gently until the tablea has melted. Stir the chocolate and add sugar to taste. Enjoy your hot drinks 🙂 !
 photo gsrety_zps01fdc663.jpg


New Magic Sing

Finally, I bought the new magic sing from my house for additional entertainment. I think almost 3 years that I planned to buy the xtreme magic sing. I bought new xtreme magic sing in astroplus at SM City Lucena. I like xtreme magic sing because I love music and I love to sing even though I don’t have a golden voice but every time that I sing using xtreme magic sing I feel that I have a golden voice. Anyhow, before using xtreme magic sing hubby bought dmx cables to help the entertainment much comfortable and easy to use and helps to connect the other devices that we used.

Carabao, Philippine National Animal

National animal of the Philippines is Carabao in tagalog is Kalabaw. The photo below is at the Villa Escudero Resort in Tiaong, Quezon. I saw this animal while waiting the service going inside the Resort. We all know that the carabao is very popular animals in he Philippines, and this animals have a big benefit to all the farmers. The farmers often use the “Paragos”, a wooden apparatus, to flatten the land for farming. By standing on it, the pressure is enough to flatten the land in a sufficient way. Some farms have already machinery. This is especially in low lying regions. Using tractors is more efficient, because it is a much faster way of working. However, not so many farmers will financially be able to invest in machinery. Most farmers are too poor for mechanization. At times, they rent the tractors of those who have it.

Aside from that the carabao milk gives a good nutrition and carabao milk is not only drank by Pinoys but also a popular breakfast treat to most. Mixed with steamed rice and paired with tuyo (dried fish), this early morning treat reminds most Filipinos of their childhood. carabao milk can also be made into cheese (kesong puti), pastillas de leche, cakes and different kinds of pastries. These products will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but they can also give the nutritional benefits that only this kind of milk can offer. There is also a proposal by the milk manufacturers to offer carabao milk to children suffering with malnutrition. Complete with protein, fat, lactose, vitamins and minerals, carabao milk is beneficial to the health and welfare of children. Carabao milk is richer, creamier and a good source of energy. Make sure to give a try and enjoy the tasty treats that it only this kind of milk has.
 photo 10509769_601772179932063_1188622016427025715_n_zpse6ae6f83.jpg