My First Time to Post in this Blog

I’m blogging for a long time already. Since I started I managed six blogs but had to stop two blogs because I didn’t update these two regularly. And I do blogging because this is my source of income. These two blogs didn’t give me enough earnings so its hard to maintain because I need to pay for renewal of domain. So I focused now with my four blogs but sadly I rarely updated them because I need new laptop. The one I was using was acting bad already. So when I need to post something I need to go to computer shop. I’m not comfortable going in computer shop but that’s the only way to update my blogs.

Anyway, this blog belongs to my sister-in-law. This is the first time, I will be posting here. I was the one who taught her to blog but because she is also busy with her offline work she can’t focus and manage this regularly. She wants me to continue this blog. As I said I stopped two of my blogs because I can’t manage but I am giving this blog a try. Now, I have five blogs. I hope I can manage because blogging in computer shop is not comfortable and sometimes I don’t have anything to share so it is hard to maintain a blog. Oh well, all the best for me on this blog hope to share more general topics.