Home Improvement and Remodeling Ideas

When you’re a homeowner, you have the benefit of creating custom looks for your home. You don’t have to ask anyone for permission to paint a window, door or staircase. You have free reign. However, once you have free reign to do as you please, it can feel a little overwhelming when you’re in the space and don’t know where to start.

First, it’s always best to start with the foundation. Consider creating a neutral foundation as your base. You can choose to paint the walls in neutral colors like white, gray or cream. As you choose the color that works perfectly for you, purchase the furniture that’ll complement that look. Once you have the foundation set, you can accessorize and have fun with lots of color. Consider these three projects that can add visual interest to your home.

1. Staircase
A staircase is a place that many people overlook. There are some who like to add a nice carpeted runner, but consider trying something different. If you have carpeted stairs, remove the carpet and paint the staircase. You can paint each step with a wooden finish. However, consider adding interest on the vertical part of each step with decals, bright paint or wallpaper. You can create a custom decal that spells out the family name, the words to a scripture or a motivational quote. This is a really unique way to showcase your personality.

2. Bathroom Wall
The bathroom wall is an amazing place to have some fun. After all, it’s a smaller space. If you make an error, you can easily close the door and try again at another time. Consider adding custom color ceramic tile to the walls to make a major statement. Once you develop a vision, do some research to see how it would potentially come out.

3. Accessories
There are countless ways to accessorize your home. Since accessories can be anything from a statement piece of furniture to a picture frame, it’s a nice idea to use the accessories to infuse bursts of color into the room. Create a gallery wall and paint all of the picture frames in a color like taupe, blue or green. Choose something interesting. Add black and white photos to the frames for a consistent look.