Happy new year everyone!

As the New Year begins, let us pray, that it will be a year with new peace, new happiness, and abundance of new friends. God Bless you all thourhg out the New Year. Happy New Year everyone, Welcome 2014.


Family looks holiday fireworks image from google

Candy Crush Game

 photo candycrush_zpsc071208c.jpg
Candy crush saga is very in demand games in facebook. Many facebook users play the candy crush, the games is use your strategic skills to match as many sugary treats together in as few moves as you possibly can. As the description, the games are to create special sweets such as striped candy, wrapped candy and rainbow candy. Combine these specials to create spectacular effects such as Super Stripe and Mega-Candy.
As become one of the players of these games I just enjoyed the games. And I feel that it makes me feel relax during I’m playing.

Based on wikipedia, Candy crush games was released on April 12, 2012 for Facebook, and then released on November 14, 2012 for smartphones.

Basketball League

During summer season here in the Philippines celebrated the basketball league in every Barangays. The basketball league has two groups which is junior and senior. Everyone is excited during the final games. Anyway, I remember during my college life I also experience as one of the muse of a basketball league in our Barangays. I am glad because I won the muse competition and I got the kind of wood plaques, sash and trophy. I just want to capture the picture but all of my things like trophy, sash, photo album and many more during my single life are in the house of my parents. And now I am married and this is the second chapter of my life.