Bitukang Manok in Atimonan, Quezon

Bitukang Manok is a zigzag road along the highway of Atimonan province of Quezon. It is the gateway to Bondoc Peninsula. Bondoc Peninsula is a peninsula in southern Quezon. It is also the gateway to the southern part of the country. Well, bitukang manok is a famous zigzag high-way and it was built-in the reign of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Recently I really felt bored, I encouraged my hubby to go to Atimonan and visit Bitukang manok. From our home to bitukang manok is almost 30 minutes. My hubby agreed to go to Bitukang Manok. Anyway there were many buco vendors along the road of bitukang manok so before going to the top we bought buco juice. And then I was really nervous and shocked when I saw a motorcycle rider’s accidents. That was the first time I saw an actual accident. I want to take a photo but I haven’t courage to see him because I fell so nervous.

Anyway, after we saw the accident we continued our trip, my hubby was driving carefully and very slow because the road here is really dangerous and many accidents happened in this area. I prepared my camera and wait for something new to take photos on. But because of the accidents happened I didn’t capture the stunning view of bitukang manok. My hubby and I stayed on the top for a few minutes only. And then after that we went back to our home. Here are some photos that I captured.

 photo bitukangmanok1_zps458b85b2.jpg
 photo bitukangmanok2_zpsb6e5f2f3.jpg
 photo photofromgoogle_zps2c9ddaa8.jpg

This one photo if from google.

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  1. wow i guess i’ve been to a road like this somewhere when we go to tuguegarao province to my dad’s place it is zigzag as well and very scary to travel at night glad you guys are safe. scary road indeed

  2. I have read this road several times from different travel bloggers. This was constructed during the incumbency of the later PH President Ferdie Marcos. I am looking from your post when was this road constructed, but you failed to mention it here.

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