Tuna Pasta

Recently, I cooked tuna pasta, Actually cooking is not my passion but I also tried to cooked with my own recipe. Because I don’t know what is our snack or merienda that time, I tried to cook this food. I also put the pasta in the casserole, then boiled for 15-20 minutes with 2tablespoon of olive oil, after that I also transferred to the sink casserole. The procedure that I prepared is I also sautéed in olive oil the garlic, onion, pepper, salt, and then I also add the hotdog and tuna flakes in oil. It depends on you the flavor of tuna; I also choose the flakes in oil only for Vince. Anyway, off course I will never forget the magic sarap ingredients. And then you can try to taste the food if it is perfect or you like the taste you just be ready for merienda time.

 photo pasta_zpscf1a140e.jpg

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