The Luminous Church is a glorious attraction that one could see from all around the town of Agdangan, Quezon. It has 150 feet tall. Last week the all member of MSK or Munting Sambayanang Kristyano here in our Subdivision, will go there to visit and to look the beautiful view of the Luminous Church. We start our way of the cross; we are amazed with what we saw inside the Church. Our co-MSK member was touched by the images and statue on each station. And besides the wall and the ceiling are all images happened came from the bible.

There are 14 Stations of the Cross; the first station was started at the 1st floor of the Church. All scenarios on each station make the real thing. We are all heavy feelings in our heart going to every next station. Because the statue of Jesus Christ are look realistic. All of our co-MSK member are very silent and feel the prayer on each station. I really touch and emotional the 13th station when the body of Jesus Christ is taken down from the Cross.

In the 14th station this is the last station I feel that my heart pounds hard when I see Jesus Christ statue. He is looking down at me smiling with arms wide open, it means your Welcome! And I feel that I am in heaven. Sorry, I cannot post the photos because it is not allowed to take pictures inside the Sanctuary. The Church are open to all the people, if you are interested to look the blessed church here is the ways to go there:


  1. a luminous church… now that’s something to see at night. you have an amazing faith to Jesus, and that’s good. Yahweh bless.

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