LECHE PLAN for dessert

Leche plan is a perfect dessert during wedding or any occasions. Yesterday has no occasions but I was surprised because my hubby makes a leche plan for me just because this is my favorite dessert. According to him he tried to make a leche plan, and this is the first time to make this. He search the online how to make a leche plan, according to my hubby making leche plan was very easy. Here are the ingredients, 10pcs of egg yolk, vanilla, 1 big can alaska condensed milk, and 1 small can alaska evaporated milk, then he started mixed. In a llanera, caramelize about 2 tbsps. of refined brown sugar over direct heat, moving the llanera around with a tong to prevent the sugar from burning. Watch this process because the sugar can burn in less than a minute if it stays in one place for too long.

When the sugar has melted and has turned brown, remove from heat. Then prepare the steaming, this is the traditional method for cooking leche flan, and is usually prepared in an oval-shaped metal pans called Llanera and steamed over moderate heat until set.

These ingredients are for three llanera only. Just very simple to prepared leche plan.


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