Saint Anne also Ann or Anna, from Hebrew Hannah, meaning “favor” or “grace” of David’s house and line, was the mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus Christ according to Christian and Islamic tradition, base on my research on wikipedia. My hubby and I attending the Novena in this church who answers our prayers and St. Anne give the miracle to all the devotees and people who faith and trust for her. The Novenas are held every Tuesday and there is a particular dedication or blessings. My hubby and I attending every 5:00 pm in the afternoon which is Pagsisiyam Kay Santa Ana.

This candle in this photo have a meaning based on their color, you can put pink color for the couple wish to have a baby or para sa mag asawang gustong magkaanak. The blue candle is for the sickness o sa mga may sakit. Violet is for the soul or sa mga kaluluwa. The green color is for the other wish.

Here is the way to go there: From Pagbilao, just follow the National Highwaygoing to Atimonan. Go past the Y-junction at Binahaan by taking the left branch. After KM post 148, notice that the road goes straight for a long stretch. Go past LocohinBridge(BinahaanBridge). In the vicinity of where KM post 149 used to be is a right turning curve. Along this curve is MalicboyBridge. After the bridge, the road goes straight again for as far as you can see. Then the road comes with a a left turning curve.

Along this curve, find St. Anne Shrine on the left side. Also in the same vicinity is the Barangay Hall of Silangang Malicboy which you would find to your right. You must exercise extra caution when driving to the parking area or walking across the road, since this part of the highway is a “compound curve”, meaning after the left turning curve, a right turning curve immediately follows. It other words, be cautious of incoming vehicles and the ubiquitous motorcycles.

The image of St. Anne Church and the candle garden. (St.Anne Parish and Diocesan Shrine)