photo of taho

Every morning my loving nephew bought taho. He just waits the shout of taho vendors every morning just because he loves eating taho. I gave him 5 pesos for one cup but one cup is not enough for him because he takes almost 2 cups. I really happy because he loves eating taho, because everyday I was worried; he was not eating much in the morning. I thought that taho is his breakfast food plus his vitamins. I believe that taho is a healthy food, because is made of fresh soft soybean curd, arnibal (brown sugar and vanilla syrup), and pearl sago (similar to pearl tapioca).

Besides, I am thankful to taho vendors for his everyday present to sell his taho in our place. I really admire to all the vendors to their sacrifices just to give their family a decent life and support them financially. For me the kind of vendors is not easy job just because they have to beat the hit of the sun. But for all the vendors they did not mind the heat of the sun that burns his skin. All he cares is that he is doing it for his family.