I Really Miss Working

It has been 1 year already that I am just stay at home. I really miss working again, to wearing a company uniform, to go outside everyday. Otherwise I miss going out with my workmates and eating out with them. For now I am planning to apply for work, I just try to apply a new company near in our place. I know that I am qualified for the position that I applied except for my age. But I believe that I pass the qualifications and I can still do anything. Anyway, I need to get up and try new things and I need to be strong for my family if ever that I will hire in the company. I am bored in everyday stay at home. While at home, I realized that there are lots of things to enjoy myself. Sometimes I need to go out to go to my friends, and to go to the mall. But of course I need to earn money to help my hubby for paying all bills and expenses in our home. I thought that I need to work again.