Cnc Machinery at Machinetools.Com

One of my hubby dreams is to build own talyer business or machine shop. Even he is not a mechanic but he understands how to repair a car or any types of vehicle. Like our car he was already repairs it if he has noticed a strange or any damage. I think if he continued his dreams he doesn’t feel hard on how to buy the machines tools because there is a cnc machinery at Com to give other ideas and give different kinds of quality tools what you need. This is a large store that you can choose what you want and I know that you can enjoy to online shopping here because it is a wide online store and there are lot of equipment, air compressor and many more.


Ice brake sale award

I want to say thank you to all Asia Plus Camella all over the Philippines for giving this ice brake sale award. In my two months in your company this is the second time that I received and award my first award is the ice breaker award same here the ice brake sale award. As our property specialist I need to give my full support to my work to have more awards 🙂 . Hopefully the blessing of our God will be continued. Thank you God for everything you’ve done to me.
 photo asiaplusaward_zpsb7974a50.jpg

The hobby of my hubby

Last week my hubby referred our faucet because it’s already broken. I am very thankful to my hubby because he knows everything on how to refer not only the faucet but any kind of a thing. He knows everything on how to refer our car machine, the electricity and our computer shop business sometimes he is a carpenter. Sometimes I feel irritated to him because all of the things in our house he make intervention but I realized that he’s right because he know everything in our house. No need to get the plumber, electrician, carpenter to pay them because my hubby is here. Anyhow, those are the hobby of my hubby during he stayed here in our house that I already shared 🙂 .

Because of the hobby of my hubby he needs a lot of tools to use. And I think I need to suggest the imprinted promotional products to buy some tools he needed. Not only tools because this kind of online store is very wide and you can choose everything what you want. They have a lot of products you can find it. Aside from that you can really enjoy shopping because the price is already affordable.


The Second Hand Car

Our second hand car is almost 3 years today. This is the time that I need to learn how to drive, to get driver license and need to become brave during driving. Today I really enjoy driving and I don’t feel nervous because last time I really feel that but it also normal for the new beginner like me according to my instructor. Anyhow, my hubby is very aware to drive and every time he encounter the strange he also check up the parts of the machine. He also used the different kind of tools like, screw driver, Philips, socket and valves for a pump. Aside from that to check the car machine like engine, fluids, water and other parts before we travel is very important to make it sure that it is in good condition and running smooth.

The Perfect Birthday Present

They have many birthday present items you can find outside. If you went to the mall, you can spot much different stuff to choose not only for birthday present but for any occasions as well.

And also, you will have to think of a perfect birthday gift idea to buy something. For me it is not easy to find the perfect gift even for the closest family members, friends and neighbor because people change with time and so do their taste and likes. But if you are not sure the gift you choose here is the perfect gift from Reeds jewelers Reeds jewelers that you can enjoy to choose what the best design you can find it.

Exciting yamaha bws20-120 wall bracket

Music is very important to everyone. I love to sing even I don’t have a golden voice. Well, we have an old sing along videoke with a big speaker in our house; this big speaker is my hubby’s made 4 years ago. He bought the complete materials to produce a big speaker and he connects the amplifier to make it good and have a strong sound. I thought that today the kind of speaker is not in demand because all of the appliances are upgraded and high-tech and the exciting yamaha bws20-120 wall bracket helps to become safely and securely mount your speaker to the wall. Aside from that it gives a loud and strong sound and saves a space especially when you have a small living room.

He Likes to Play Drums

The photo below is my nephew Vince playing drums instrument. He is 2 and 10 months in the photo and his early age I saw his interest in music. Because he likes to sing, to play guitar, to play drums. The photo below is in the house of my neighbor, when the first time he saw the drums he wants to play it and every time he asked me mama I want to play drums. Good thing because the neighbor is kind and she invited Vince to try to play drums. Although he doesn’t know how to play the right position I also saw his interest and love the music.

Anyhow, I just tell to my sister the mother of Vince to share 50percent to be able to buy a kind of pearl drums for sale. I also told that her son is very much interested to the music. I know that Vince will be a good musician in the future because he is showing interest in music.
 photo vincedrumer_zps00e464e3.jpg

The Gsm Phone Unlocked

During Christmas season they have a lot of activities like, Christmas party, family reunion, exchange gift or monito monita, and a lot more. I remember last Christmas my niece gave me a curve blackberry cell phone, once again thank you niece for giving me a kind of Christmas gift and so far I also used it. The first time I used it I actually learn how to use the curve blackberry phone because it is a censored and for me it is hard to use it. For me it has many benefits like gsm phones unlocked because it contain a good features good applications, themes and a lot more. As of now I can keep it because it is a special gift that I received last Christmas.


The Personalized Ring Business

Jessica is the name of my friend since high school. She encouraged me to put up our own business the business she offer me is a personalized ring, like college ring, weeding ring, friendship ring, lovers ring and many more. The kind and design of ring is look like a: senior class rings. I was very happy because after 6 six years we meet again each other and according to her she manage her own personalized ring business located in Manila. I like her offer but I also tried to study the place and sales in the market here in our hometown. She brought me some examples of personalized ring and we decided to visit and offer the school of college here in our hometown. This is the first step we make, and no harms for trying for business.

A Simple Make Over of a Comfort Room

Just because I feel bored I went to SM mall to make myself happy and for fun. I went to department store area to look some blouses and shorts for me. Actually I do not buy but I have some choices if ever that I buy the items. After window shopping I went to KFC fast-food because I feel hungry and then I just ordered the vegetable salad and pineapple juice only, I just eaten while waiting my hubby. After a few minutes my hubby will come and he encourages me to buy a kind of floor drain covers for our comfort room in Ace hardware because the cover of our floor drain is break and need to replace it. Actually, our comfort room needs a make over but we don’t have enough money to do it. So my hubby tried to a simple make over of our comfort room.