Relocating in the Lovely City of Montreal

Montreal is considered to be largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec, the second in the county and one of the largest cities in the whole of North America. Montreal is a city that is rich in history and culture. People here are mostly of European ethnicities composed primarily of French, Italian, Irish and English. Presently, Montreal is a bustling and vibrant city that offers a lot of wonders to it’s residents and visitors. It’s lovely weather and location plus the great career opportunities around easily attracts people to move and settle in here.

This moving revolution to Montreal caused a lot of residential, commercial and industrial relocation service companies to start-up and offer competitive rates. You must realize that a city this big will take all your patience to lug all your belongings from one point to another. It is also an entirely different scenario for immigrants who are permanently moving in and will need storage services in Montreal for the time being. A moving company based in the city will be able to offer more efficient services because they already know their area and they will be able to give you more reasonable price rates for they know more about the distances that will be covered. So, when moving or relocating to the city of Montreal, be sure to choose your moving and storage service company wisely.


Military Coins as A Honorary Gift

Different military forces have their own coin that serves as a memorabilia for honoring guests and members during special occasions. A military coin is also known as a challenge coin, a unit coin or a commander’s coin. Usually these stand proof an individuals’ membership and support as well as patronage of bearer. You can find especially minted coins that endorse unit spirit. Generally a unit coin bears a squadron or a unit’s emblem or logo. During special programs, a military unit can gift their guest of honor a special military coin to show their gratitude and high esteem for the guest.


The Arturia Minilab

Music instrument is very important to our life. It gives to us to become happy and makes more enjoyable. If you feel sad and lonely or you have a problem you just go to the place that helps you to become happy and forget the problems. Here in our place they have a lot of live band that very in demand today. You can choose what you like the music, sounds and song that make beautiful by the use of a different kinds of music instruments such as guitars, drums, trumpet, arturia minilab, violin, microphone and many more.

The Importance of Fireplace to your Home

Having fireplace in the house is very important especially during winter and cold season. It gives the good ambiance, warm to become comfortable. Aside from the good ambiance, fireplace gives the good attractions of the visitor and the member of the family in the house. Actually, I saw the kind of fireplace for the first time during our family stayed in Baguio City last 2010 which is the summer capital in the Philippines and very familiar summer vacation place to everyone. Well, the transient house there that we rent has a kind of fireplace like here for fireplace mantel shelves that take away the cold winters bring. I also attracted the fireplace it looks beautiful and I feel the warm inside the house. It looks great for me although this is the first time to see the kind of fireplace.

The Christmas Ornaments

It’s rainy day again here in the Philippines. I think just because next month is a ber month and starting the month for Christmas approaching. I am excited during Christmas I also prepare gifts for friends, relatives and neighbors. Actually I already have lots of extra items that can be a gift. And I thought that I wrap it.

Anyhow, today in the morning hubby and I were cleaned the house. We re arranged the position of the living room sala set and our bedroom area. While I am cleaning I also find the box that have Christmas ornaments in the corner of our house. I also watched it and I realized that the other ornaments are old and faulty. Off course, all of us want to have a beautiful Christmas decoration and I suggest christopher radko for the cute and beautiful ornaments. There are a lot of different kinds of ornaments and you can choose the design and colors you want.

New Samsung TV Appliances

When I visited the house of my parents, I was really happy because I saw the new Samsung TV appliances in the living area. According my sister he bought the new TV as installment basis. The New Samsung TV is flat and 32” wide. While I’ watching the new TV, I was noticed that the living room cabinet is not fixed the new TV. And then I decided to buy a new standandmounts tv stands to become comfortable and good-looking and aside from that it is suitable to the new TV appliances. Anyway I want to say thank you to my sister to replace the old model TV.


I Really Miss Working Again

I really miss working again with my office mate and friends. It has been 2 years already that I am just stay at home just because I need to manage my own small business which is computer shop. Sometimes I open my album in Facebook and watching the photos of my office mates and friends. I miss the daily works, the monthly seminars together with my boss, and the monthly reports of our paper works using by the stands of projector mounts. Otherwise, I miss going out with my workmates and eating out with them.

Anyway, I really miss working and sometimes I thought that I want to find a job for me. But hubby doesn’t agree my decision because he wants to stay and manage my small business. But for me it is very difficult to stay just because I have been trained to work everyday. Everyday, I feel alone even I care my nephew but I know to myself that I am not happy what I am doing. To all the readers kindly please give me an idea or advice what should I do to get happier and become satisfied to myself?



The Ukay-ukay Vendor

Here in our Village have a one ukay-ukay vendor, her name is Tita Mila. Ukay-ukay is very in demand here in the Philippines. Tita Mila is very energetic and aside from that they have much different kind of products that she sell everyday. Aside from the vendor she is a dealer of different kind of products like natasha, boardwalk and avon. Everyday she goes to my house and she encouraged me to buy their products. Off course I also bought her products like jeans because I love to wear jeans especially today because the weather is cold and rainy condition.

Anyway, he brought different kinds of clothes today I bought short for my hubby and cute t-shirt for my nephew Vince and for me is a jean or leggings. I just attracted her jackets products because it is looks like plus size outerwear coats . She brought this because as I said that today is rainy season. And I think that it is perfect to the weather condition today.


A Kid Loves To Play Guitar

My nephew Vince loves to play guitar. Although he has no real guitar, but he played broom as his guitar. Hubby tries to buy toy guitar but he don’t like to play because he don’t like the sound and he likes the real sound of guitar. Anyway, when we are goes to the SM mall, Vince was stopped the guitar store and he played the kind of new sterling ax30 at guitar center. He really loves to play guitar and I want to buy for him a real guitar but I need to earn more. Because I know that he has a future in music.

 photo VINCES_zps5260e3f7.jpg

Vince stopped and plays the guitar while walking beside the store.


The Laundry Business

I have an experience the laundry business last 2006. As the owner I feel tired and stressed every time that my helper is absent. I have 2 helpers, which are laundry helper and one who irons the clothes. I say that laundry is a good business but it so tired for me. Because as an owner I need to work and help to my helper. Because for me I am an entrepreneur woman. Anyway after 2 years I need to close my business just because of the small income in the market. I thought that if that time has a samsung dmt800rhs, which I used, I did not feel too tired. And it becomes easy to laundry the clothes. Anyway, back to business I also closed my laundry business and I open another business, this is computer shop, and now the computer shop is continued to operate for almost 6 years.