Reading Glasses from

Last week my friend was celebrating her 35th birthday. She invited some of our neighbors and of course during occasions the videoke and drinks is here to make us happy and feel the happiness of party. Every one of us was joining to sing and I noticed that my friends wear the eyeglasses, and according to her, her eyes was blurry vision. I just also recommend her to look the reading glasses from, because they have many choices design, style and color that fit to her. And I say that the products are quality and durable. Anyway I am grateful because I have a clear vision and I do not even feel my eyes blurry even though I always facing the computer.

The Best Summer Outfit

Many of us the favorite holiday season is summer time because the best thing about summer is the nice weather condition. The weather is usually hot and sunny, with longer days. Moreover, the usual summer attire consists of tank tops, shorts, slippers, sandals for the boys and for the girls is also sexy shorts, spaghetti strap tops, two piece swimsuit designs and also more in the profile by gottex swimwear 2013 design and styles of the best summer outfit. It’s nice to be able to wear light clothing instead of jackets, pants and long sleeves.

Anyhow during summer season, this is the best time to go to the beach with family and friends. Many people are out-of-town to go to the different beautiful places in parts of the world. Like our family every summer season we go to the beautiful places here in the Philippines. Aside from that summer time is very fun and relaxing season.

Silver Jewelries

Since I was a child I like to wear accessories and jewelries. I don’t know why but I really love to wear the accessories because for me it looks beautiful, fashion and good-looking. Actually, when I ransacked my accessories box I saw the old accessories that were given to me by my friend. I remember all the happiness of my friends since high school and college life, because of the accessories souvenir. I also find the bracelet silver as birthday gift that given to my by my best friend. The design or style is like the sterling silver cuff. It is a bangle design and very important to me because this is given to me the special person in my life. Aside from that I also wear it only to go some occasions and party.

Putting up a Garage Band

Some people think that putting up a garage band is an easy feat but there are actually a lot of things to consider especially in choosing the right equipment and instruments for your type of music. You need to ensure you have proper sound proofing so that your neighbors will have tolerable sounds and would not complain about the noise that you make. You also need to check out different instruments such as the guitars, amplifiers, drum set and midi keyboard at musicians friend. You also need software that can mix up all these music and sound into one great composition.

Visiting A Friend House

Hubby, Vince and I were attending Sunday mass in Kamay ni Hesus located in Lucban, Quezon. The place is very familiar to everyone because it is the place of healing church. Anyway we attending the Sunday mass at 11:30–12:30 pm and after the mass I decided to visit my friend house in Lucban, Quezon. She is my friend since elementary school. Well, the house of my friend is bungalow type and I also attracted the lights in the living room area, it looks like a beautiful swarovski crystal chandelier. I really like the design of the living room; it is very attractive and eye-catching to the visitors.

Actually my friends and I were talking to each other about our life, jobs, personal life and many more. Although we are talking everyday via facebook :-). I just want to say thank your Lord for the great time that you gave to us.


Have A Blessed Sunday Everyone!

Today is Sunday and I woke up early in the morning. I also cooked our breakfast. The breakfasts that I was cooked are fried hotdog and egg, together with sinangag or fried rice. But anyway, I did not capture the photo because I also prepare right away our clothes to wear to go to the church at Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban, Quezon to attending the Sunday mass. I think it’s almost 2 months that we did not attending Sunday mass there. And we were almost attending Sunday mass here in the near area. Well attending mass every Sunday is give me a good vibes and feel happy and blessed for the whole day.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone :-)!


Cute Drums Set For A Kid

Drum is very important instrument of the band. It’s give everyone the beats of a song. Aside from that, drumming is an excellent way for children to learn self-awareness, listening skills, coordination of breath and movement, cooperation and patience. Like my nephew Vince he loves to play his drum toys even he don’t have real drum. But he feels that it is true every time he plays the drum he accompanied the song. The music is very important to us and if my nephew have a kids drum set at musicians friend I am sure that he also delivered a good beat of song and trains his knowledge the kinds of instrument. Vince also loves music sometimes he used broom as a guitar, and I told to his mother about that. The mother told me that the father of Vince is a band member during college life. Exactly because Vince loves music, he loves to sing a song even we don’t understand the lyrics but the tune is good.

It’s a terrible experience

Today the crime is endemic to the different parts of the word. They have many kinds of crime that you will encounter. Like my high school friend she had experienced the hold up crime while she walking along the street. And then the suspect was took her bag quickly and she doesn’t know what to do. This is the one crime happened in the world, that there are no quick solutions about this problem. I just thought that if somebody have a right to use taser gun as self-defense for fighting the criminals and I know that it is very helpful to all the victims. And for sure that the kind of hold up suspect is easy to detect.

Anyway, the important documents of my friend, cell phone and wallet are instantly lost. That’s why she tried to blotter the suspect but there’s no result at the long time she waiting. It’s terrible experience that will happen to her.

Royal Teak Miami Reclining Chair Furniture

My sister was celebrating her civil wedding last July 5 at Balai Sadyaya Resort province of Pagbilao, Quezon. As her eldest sister, I am proud to her because they have also own house. And aside from that my sister was 4 months pregnant. According to her they need to buy some furniture and appliances to their new house. And I also asked her to buy a quality and good furniture’s and appliances at SM because this is a popular and we know the quality of goods. The sister asked me where she find the good and feel comfortable kinds of dhop royal teak miami reclining chair. We know that they have many kind of furniture store here in our hometown. But I also told her to find via online store. Because they have many choices and aside from that they have a lot of styles, design and colors to choose what she wants to buy.

Choosing a Musical Instrument for Your Child

Music is a very important part of our life. While most people are limited to listen to the radio, there are parents that get really involve when their children starts music subject in school. They encourage their children to learn and play different musical instruments such as the piano, guitar or violin. A small portion of these parents would suggest learning the trumpet though it is the oldest wind instrument in history, but will surely promote learning the flute or saxophone because of its soothing sounds. Many wind and brass instruments at musicians friend will fit your child and make them more eager to learn music and different musical instruments.