I Really Miss Working Again

I really miss working again with my office mate and friends. It has been 2 years already that I am just stay at home just because I need to manage my own small business which is computer shop. Sometimes I open my album in Facebook and watching the photos of my office mates and friends. I miss the daily works, the monthly seminars together with my boss, and the monthly reports of our paper works using by the stands of projector mounts. Otherwise, I miss going out with my workmates and eating out with them.

Anyway, I really miss working and sometimes I thought that I want to find a job for me. But hubby doesn’t agree my decision because he wants to stay and manage my small business. But for me it is very difficult to stay just because I have been trained to work everyday. Everyday, I feel alone even I care my nephew but I know to myself that I am not happy what I am doing. To all the readers kindly please give me an idea or advice what should I do to get happier and become satisfied to myself?



8 thoughts on “I Really Miss Working Again”

  1. Like you, I do miss my office work. I honestly miss the routine of going to work and then wait every 15th days for the payday to come so I can dine in a fancy restaurant or buy myself something as a reward for my hardwork. But having a home business is good too. Though it would most likely have all of your time, compared to working for only 8 hours a day.

  2. I feel the same way, I also miss working. It’s already been four years since I stop from working. I’m now a full time mom. Just get busy with your blogging just like the way I’m doing.

  3. Find happiness in what it is you’re doing – whatever it is. My mom always tells me this. There’s no perfect job, no perfect circumstance. But we could be perfectly happy if we choose to. 🙂

  4. I’m a bum and prefer working from home, but I do miss my co-workers, the fun we used to have in the office and the trips we go on as a team in an office. 😛 But I don’t miss the work load, commuting and not being able to control the time I put into my work. 😛 You see, I’m an unwilling workaholic, so I’m truly better off working from home. 😛 hehe

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