The Ukay-ukay Vendor

Here in our Village have a one ukay-ukay vendor, her name is Tita Mila. Ukay-ukay is very in demand here in the Philippines. Tita Mila is very energetic and aside from that they have much different kind of products that she sell everyday. Aside from the vendor she is a dealer of different kind of products like natasha, boardwalk and avon. Everyday she goes to my house and she encouraged me to buy their products. Off course I also bought her products like jeans because I love to wear jeans especially today because the weather is cold and rainy condition.

Anyway, he brought different kinds of clothes today I bought short for my hubby and cute t-shirt for my nephew Vince and for me is a jean or leggings. I just attracted her jackets products because it is looks like plus size outerwear coats . She brought this because as I said that today is rainy season. And I think that it is perfect to the weather condition today.