A Kid Loves To Play Guitar

My nephew Vince loves to play guitar. Although he has no real guitar, but he played broom as his guitar. Hubby tries to buy toy guitar but he donโ€™t like to play because he donโ€™t like the sound and he likes the real sound of guitar. Anyway, when we are goes to the SM mall, Vince was stopped the guitar store and he played the kind of new sterling ax30 at guitar center. He really loves to play guitar and I want to buy for him a real guitar but I need to earn more. Because I know that he has a future in music.

 photo VINCES_zps5260e3f7.jpg

Vince stopped and plays the guitar while walking beside the store.


8 thoughts on “A Kid Loves To Play Guitar”

  1. My husband bought my 5-yr-old daughter an electric guitar – a real full size one – two Christmases ago. Now, it’s just sitting in the storage room waiting for my daughter to be old enough to play with it. I suggest you get your son a small ukelele first which costs just around 800pesos. He can practice strumming until he’s big enough for a real guitar.

  2. Ahh, guitars, my son loves them too! When he’s older, I’m going to definitely going to make him take lessons. ๐Ÿ˜€ You never know, he may be the next popstar hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

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