He Likes to Play Drums

The photo below is my nephew Vince playing drums instrument. He is 2 and 10 months in the photo and his early age I saw his interest in music. Because he likes to sing, to play guitar, to play drums. The photo below is in the house of my neighbor, when the first time he saw the drums he wants to play it and every time he asked me mama I want to play drums. Good thing because the neighbor is kind and she invited Vince to try to play drums. Although he doesn’t know how to play the right position I also saw his interest and love the music.

Anyhow, I just tell to my sister the mother of Vince to share 50percent to be able to buy a kind of pearl drums for sale. I also told that her son is very much interested to the music. I know that Vince will be a good musician in the future because he is showing interest in music.
 photo vincedrumer_zps00e464e3.jpg