Dirty ice cream or sorbetes is very familiar to us. In everyday my nephew Vince waiting the ice cream seller. When he heard rang of the bell, kling-kling it is a sign sound of an ice cream vendor. Vince makes it faster to ask me the money. Then I will give him P5.00 only for one cone. But sometimes I did not give him because I just take care himself to avoid the cough and cold. Dirty ice cream is cheap amount compared to the other branded ice cream. Just because of the P5.00 per cone many children can afford to buy the dirty ice cream.

I took a photo when he ate the dirty ice cream. The place is in the Liliw Laguna, during my SIL and I bought the footwear for our small sideline income. Because Vince is two years old he needs to put the swaddling clothes or lampin instead of baby bibs during he eat of ice cream. He feels to eat the dirty ice cream and I say that ice cream is one of his favorite foods.