The display below is the footwear for sale. I took a shot because it looks good-looking and the footwear display is a new arrival from Liliw Laguna. Liliw Laguna is also known as tsinelas capital of Laguna for making durable footwear. Every month my SIL and I went to Liliw Laguna, to buy the different designs of footwear, and then we also sell in our simple abode. Just because some of our neighbors cannot afford cash basis, we will give their one month to pay. Our small sideline income is continue to operate, just because we’re loved the footwear.

Before we started the small business we think many times before we go. We will start a small capital. But the result is good, and then we will continue to sell the footwear. I think that the footwear display is perfect entry for co lor co lle ct io n.



4 thoughts on “THE FOOTWEAR”

  1. Wow ang sipag nyo. I remember when I was in the philippines, i did that too. Pero mga damit naman from baclaran. Hulugan din. Pero lugi ko kasi mga makunat magbayad mga suki:) good luck to you:)

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