The display below is the footwear for sale. I took a shot because it looks good-looking and the footwear display is a new arrival from Liliw Laguna. Liliw Laguna is also known as tsinelas capital of Laguna for making durable footwear. Every month my SIL and I went to Liliw Laguna, to buy the different designs of footwear, and then we also sell in our simple abode. Just because some of our neighbors cannot afford cash basis, we will give their one month to pay. Our small sideline income is continue to operate, just because we’re loved the footwear.

Before we started the small business we think many times before we go. We will start a small capital. But the result is good, and then we will continue to sell the footwear. I think that the footwear display is perfect entry for co lor co lle ct io n.




Liliw Laguna is known as the famous for being the footwear or tsinelas capital of Laguna. Liliw, Laguna is very familiar to everyone. Yesterday we go to Liliw Laguna; this is the second time to visit this place. Liliw Laguna is almost 1 ½ hours distance Lucena City to Liliw Laguna, they have three towns proper go through this place, and these are Tayabas, Quezon, Lucban, Quezon, Majayjay Laguna and Liliw Laguna. It’s almost 1 ½ hours to go to the Liliw Laguna because we pass by the short cut road, or know as zigzag road. My hubby very slow and be careful to drive this road. Yearly they celebrate the tsinelas festival. This is the first time to see the huge sandals display, and you can see the different sandals design this place. Here are some photos I take.

Anyway, very month I will go there to buy the footwear. Because this is my sideline income I will offer or give some design to order to my friends, neighbors etc. To all my friends here if you want to experience or interested the good quality of this footwear I will give to you my fb link to choose what you want to order. Just send your pm on my fb account for the amount and other transaction what would you like to ask or order. 🙂 thanks…


My hubbies check the materials used the huge sandals display. And according to him this big sandals is made the original materials.
The people are helping to put the huge sandals in front of the Municipality of Liliw, Laguna.
The beautiful view of sandals with official seal.
These are the different huge sandals design in front of the store.



My red sandals is came from Liliw Laguna, I bought it last year, this is the one my favorite sandals becasue I feel so comfortable the cost around $7 dollars. I do not use all the time to keep away from a defect or break :-). Liliw, Laguna is also famous for its Tsinelas (Sandals). You can find a lot of fashionable shoes and sandals originally made in this town at affordable prices. All their sandals products are quality and durable.

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