I think many times if the beads accessory is a good profit? I also love the accessories particularly beads accessories. This is the first attraction during I went to the mall. I also looked a new designs and colors. Every time I bought the beads accessories I though that this is a good profit. Then I have an idea on how to make it and to sell this bead during I watched the kabuhayang swak na swak in Abs-Cbn. When the one entrepreneur was already succeeded to her beads business. I will compare myself to her just because both of us love the beads accessories. I think that it is a good profit, and making beads accessories is a good habits and relaxing to make a different designs.

Anyway I have planned to go to Quiapo Manila to buy the different design and color of beads. I will search the internet all the materials used for making the beads accessories. And I also looked the different design and how to prepare the good and elegant design for making stunning to the customer. I hope that my plans become succeed and because this is a fashion I will continue my plans. Anyway, wish me luck :-).



  1. Nothing is impossible to an artistic mind! 😉 Just be sure not to duplicate what is already available and create something unique and interesting so your buyers will keep on coming. GOodluck! 😉

  2. You should try it. It’s actually fun and exciting to make your own creations from scratch, and I can attest to that as I was able to start a small venture back in the day. But I wasn’t able t pursue it all the way since I got tired of creating beaded pieces on a constant basis. It was fun for a while. But I just realized that it wasn’t my passion.

  3. for business to prosper, you need to have a passion, faith, time, perseverance and goal. beads is very promising, i think, but you need to have something to it that others don’t have… and must be appealing to the prospective customers. Yahweh bless.

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