Investment scam experience

Investment is a kind of commitment of money or capital to purchase financial or other assets in order to gain profitable returns in the form of interest, income, or appreciation of the value of the instrument. Investment is related to saving or deferring consumption. Anyhow there’s a lot of investment today but some investment are scam. Like here in the Philippines there’s a lot of investment scam victim and lot of people joined this. Actually I am the one who experienced to join the gabai investment I invest a small amount also, for the last 3 months the operations was very smooth and realistic. But after howheil many days past, the gabai investment was become largest and lot of people joined the said investment and some other nearby town that joined as well. The investment was turn to scam. Lot of people lost their properties to invest the said gabai investment scam.

This is my investment scam experience 🙁 ! Beware to all the investment today. Please learned carefully before you joined.

Avant at the fort

I want to say thank you for all asia plus family from camella homes. This is the first time to go there located at 6th Street Corner 3rd Avenue, Crescent Parkwest, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Avant is also vista land developer owned by Mr. Villar. The companies treat me I also happy together with my co property consultant. The company gave incentives to us. And here are photo of the Avant condominium. Anyway, thank you again asia plus.
 photo 1_zpsp7mo1swm.jpg  photo 2_zpskns7w99o.jpg  photo 3_zpsg2cwhpjw.jpg  photo 4_zps5qaoc0jb.jpg  photo 5_zpsjtpc1x37.jpg  photo one_zpsfigb2kav.jpg
 photo two_zps4ukts7bd.jpg  photo etwt_zps9bgqayaz.jpg


Welcome to Camella Homes Quezon. The subdivision is also 2 years from now but the development is almost 90 percent finished and most of the house and lot are sold out. But we have open for Phase 2 this coming August, so readers what are you waiting for just contact me +639202091404 or you can email me at my email address:, and my page at Camella HOMES Quezon and my facebook account Lanie Q. Abayle are always open to serve you. Anyway, we have many model houses like bare type which is bungalow type, 2 storey with 2 bed room, 2 storey with 3 bedroom, 2 storey with 4 bedroom, 2 storey with 5 bedroom and 2 storey with 6 bedroom.

Anyhow, Camella is bordering Lucena and Tayabas, in Isabang, is Camella Quezon, home to a charming Tuscan-inspired community that celebrates the heritage and vibrancy of the southern Tagalog heartland. Accessible via Maharlika Highway, just off Lucena City Junction, the community is only 15 minutes away to the city proper.

Thank you and i always open to serve and discuss to you!

Camella homes, amenities: club house complex, swimming pool, kids playground and basketball court.
 photo 10403341_760863593933691_3417104345790113674_n_zpsb5eee006.jpg

Camella homes vicinity map:
 photo vicinitymap_zps6a893a02.gif

Camella communities:
 photo 3_zps6607aec4.jpg

The perimeter wall around the community:
 photo 4_zps58eb7652.jpg
The houses:

 photo 02_zpsd0364aed.jpg
 photo 01_zps3ab03551.jpg
 photo 03_zps0a107869.jpg
 photo 04_zps3b3e93fb.jpg
 photo 06_zps614e64a9.jpg

Camella Homes Model House in Quezon, Province

I would like to share the model house of Camella Homes in Quezon. In my previous post I shared about the Camella Company which is throughout the Philippines and one of the largest home builders in the Philippines . Camella, Quezon is located at Bordering Lucena and Tayabas, in Isabang, is Camella Quezon, home to a charming Tuscan-inspired community that celebrates the heritage and vibrancy of the southern Tagalog heartland. Accessible via Maharlika Highway, just off Lucena City Junction, the community is only 5 minutes away to the city proper. The subdivision is walking distance from the highway; it is 60 meters away from the highway.

Here is the website of our company that I would like to introduce to the readers And if ever that you want to invest there here are my contact no. 09202091404, my fb account Lanie Q. Abayle and my email address,

Here are the model houses in Camella, Quezon.
 photo CAMELLASERIES_zps24155771.jpg
 photo LESSANDRASERIES_zpsdd837a31.jpg

Vista Land International

“Camella Homes”

I don’t know what to write today, I just thought that I share about my current job. I am a property specialist at Camella Homes Subdivision here in Quezon, Province. As a property specialist, I know how to handle my position, to negotiate using a different mixture as a real estate agent, using marketing and sales skills. As well as finding new clients and convincing them that your agency is the right one to handle their sale, this specialist sales role also involves helping to advertise properties.

Anyhow, in my 2 months in my work I would like to thank the Lord for giving me this kind of opportunities because in everyday I really feel bored in our house. But in this real estate I really enjoy especially during our event and saturation in a different town areas to find buyer and to promote our Subdivision. Camella Homes & Communities, being in the real estate industry for 30 years and the country’s most preferred housing brand, is a proud member of the Philippines´ largest home builder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc.

Camella Homes provides exceptional homes and communities in different locations all over the Philippines that cater to all income levels. Whether you are starting a family or just investing for your future, Camella Homes lets you choose from various styles of homes and condominiums that will suit your taste and financial capability. Camella Homes reflects the lifestyle of every Filipino whether you are in the metro or in other regions across the country.

Camella is a vista land international Are you an OFW in Europe, in the Middle East, North America or anywhere in the world that dreams of purchasing your dream house for your family back home but worries about the hassles of transacting? Vista Land International offers you the privilege to provide your family a dream house hassle and worry-free!

Vista Land International, the International Marketing arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. and the holding company of Brittany, Crown Asia, Camella Homes & Communities, and Communities Philippines, aims to address all housing needs of Filipinos across the country.

Vista Land International provides quality and affordable homes for hard-working Filipinos abroad, ranging from affordable to luxury homes and low, medium, and high rise condominiums on a well planned and self-contained community.

Destined to capture a bigger slice of the real estate/ housing market, Vista Land International veers away from the traditional concept of real estate marketing and offers a full spectrum of quality homes cutting through different market segments spanning the entire Philippine archipelago.

Cowboy Costume

Year 2014 is the year of a wooden horse. Our company celebrated general assembly at Mjd Urban escape farm the dining place located at Brgy. Bocohan, Domoit, Lucena City. The year of the wooden horse is said to be a year for those who are ready for a thrilling year. It would be a year of opportunities in which a person must grab, if they want a prosperous year. This is also the time of year where people search on whether it would be a good year for them and what their horoscopes are according to astrology.

Anyhow, our company celebrated the general assembly at Mjd Urban Escape farm, which our costume is cowboy attire. Sad, because I don’t have boots to perfect my outfit but our company honored wedge sandals which I also wore.
 photo cowboy_zps0f5ef9ab.jpg


The Printing Business

My cousin has a printing business. I said that she is so lucky because today is Election Day. And they have many politicians’ clients; she received to make more fliers or leaflets to all candidates this coming Election Day. For her it’s become easy to make the lay out and to transact the customers. But she encountered problems some of her customers about the different lay out of invitation, such as wedding, birthday, baptismal day and many more. I think it’s become easy to her if they have a cheap catalog printing because it’s help her to advertise her printing business and aside from that it’s become easy to transact the customers.



A couple of months from now, local elections will happen once again in the country. It is not surprising to see a lot of print materials coming out from every corner of the neighborhood. Many candidates will need all the cheapest options they can find to prepare for tough competition. They can always expect printing presses and companies to be busy printing campaign materials from here and there. Good thing there are now printing companies online that offers cheaper printing options without much hassle. All that’s needed is the design and the number of prints to order. After paying for your order, you only need to wait for your orders to be delivered in your doorstep!


The sisters have the computer shop business. Her business is almost 5 years. She starts for 4 units, and now she had 9 units of computer. One day he had a new competitor, her neighbor was build a new business like the business of my sister, which is a computer shop. But the sister did not affect to her competitor, she had already continues her business and aside from that I also give her suggestions to add some other items to sell her shop, like schools supplies and some gift items. We really happy because the result is success, her computer shop was also become very familiar to everyone. Anyway after 5 months the neighbor’s computer shop was permanent closed and did not operate it again. The sister was really pleased because she does not affect to her competitors that’s why she become stable and strong.

The Best Online Print Solutions

The ever-changing technology promises a lot of great things for digital print businesses. Many companies, whose purpose is to research, invent, and deliver next generation digital technology now have more ways of bringing ideas and images to life for businesses globally. They are able to do this by providing scalable digital products and solutions that increases profits, maximizes production, cuts costs, increases workflow efficiency, decreases payroll, and optimizes performance from creation to print. Most of them make use of a web to print product suite that can handle corporate print management, marketing, variable data printing, and dynamic design. A lot of print businesses get their online print solutions at, EFI, Printing Online Pty Ltd, and many more.