I bought this transparent design and color lavander wedge shoes at Liliw Laguna. They have many footwear design and color in store but I choose wedge design. I bought this wedge shoes because it looks fashionable, versatile and sexy to my feet and for me it is easier to walk. I could find 5 inches for me as the size of my feet. I am glad because the size and the color are still available, because according to the saleslady the color are sold out.

Anyway, I am very much comfortable to wear than heeled shoes and wedge are probably so popular right now.



The photo below is when my friend and I went to Manila Ocean Park last year. We attract the Fish spa which is the number one attraction of this place. We try to a unique and truly exciting spa experience; we pay Fish spa service for the cost of P120 per person, additional to manila ocean park entrance fee.

Fist step, be sure that your feet will be washed to make it sure that they are clean before you dip them into the clean water. Then after a few second, the hundreds of fish called Doctor Fish or Nibble Fish surrounded our feet and start nibbling. It’s just very tickling at first, causing we laugh and twitch (haha ang gilawgaw parang kinikiliti :-)). We really enjoy the treatment of this fish. We love to watch the fish every time we go to our feet.

After a few minutes we feel our feet was very clean, it’s because the fish gently away our dead skin on our feet and leaving the healthy skin to grow. Anyway, the experiences were very fun and relax.


In our country, more of the Filipino loves to buy ukay-ukay products. Yesterday my friend and I went to ukay-ukay store in Lucena City. The ukay-ukay is very in-demand today, because most of the products comes directly from US. More on the ukay-ukay items will see are a mixture of clothes and other items that could be new signature brands looks like brand-new, and secondhand. More products of the ukay-ukay are very good and strong cottons and not easy to break up.

Here in our town Lucena City, the center of the ukay-ukay trade is in the Quezon Avenue Street. However, there are also small ukay-ukay stores in different parts of Lucena. The ukay-ukay is one of my favorite shopping stores. Because they are many kinds of products you will see in ukay-ukay, like clothes, shoes, bags and everything. Anyway, my friends and I bought secondhand long champ bag, it looks brand new and durable. The prize is very affordable. We are careful to choose of items to buy because some of the items have damages.

Niyogyugan Festival in Lucena City

The niyogyugan festival celebrating with week-long activities at Perez Park, Lucena City; it started from August 13 until August 19. Lucena City — Quezon Governor David Suarez and Vice Gov. Vicente Alcala launched the week-long Niyogyugan Festival leading to the 134th birth anniversary of the late President Manuel L. Quezon. It is a Celebration of the Tree of Life Province of Quezon and promoting the Quezon coconut industry and its other agricultural products from 20 municipalities here in Quezon Province.

They have the niyogyugan grand parade, Niyogyugan Queen Competition, Niyogyugan Dance Competition, the ribbon cutting and opening of the agri-tourism trade fair . Anyway, congratulations to Unisan, Quezon for the winners of Niyogyugan Queen Competition and Ni yogyugan Dance Competition and the winner for the agri-tourism trade fair.

LECHE PLAN for dessert

Leche plan is a perfect dessert during wedding or any occasions. Yesterday has no occasions but I was surprised because my hubby makes a leche plan for me just because this is my favorite dessert. According to him he tried to make a leche plan, and this is the first time to make this. He search the online how to make a leche plan, according to my hubby making leche plan was very easy. Here are the ingredients, 10pcs of egg yolk, vanilla, 1 big can alaska condensed milk, and 1 small can alaska evaporated milk, then he started mixed. In a llanera, caramelize about 2 tbsps. of refined brown sugar over direct heat, moving the llanera around with a tong to prevent the sugar from burning. Watch this process because the sugar can burn in less than a minute if it stays in one place for too long.

When the sugar has melted and has turned brown, remove from heat. Then prepare the steaming, this is the traditional method for cooking leche flan, and is usually prepared in an oval-shaped metal pans called Llanera and steamed over moderate heat until set.

These ingredients are for three llanera only. Just very simple to prepared leche plan.



The Luminous Church is a glorious attraction that one could see from all around the town of Agdangan, Quezon. It has 150 feet tall. Last week the all member of MSK or Munting Sambayanang Kristyano here in our Subdivision, will go there to visit and to look the beautiful view of the Luminous Church. We start our way of the cross; we are amazed with what we saw inside the Church. Our co-MSK member was touched by the images and statue on each station. And besides the wall and the ceiling are all images happened came from the bible.

There are 14 Stations of the Cross; the first station was started at the 1st floor of the Church. All scenarios on each station make the real thing. We are all heavy feelings in our heart going to every next station. Because the statue of Jesus Christ are look realistic. All of our co-MSK member are very silent and feel the prayer on each station. I really touch and emotional the 13th station when the body of Jesus Christ is taken down from the Cross.

In the 14th station this is the last station I feel that my heart pounds hard when I see Jesus Christ statue. He is looking down at me smiling with arms wide open, it means your Welcome! And I feel that I am in heaven. Sorry, I cannot post the photos because it is not allowed to take pictures inside the Sanctuary. The Church are open to all the people, if you are interested to look the blessed church here is the ways to go there:

The View from the top

The image below is one of the shots that I took while I am on the top of Luminous Church in Agdangan, Quezon. The church has 150feet tall. When I looked down I saw my red car overwhelmed by the trees, and then I just took a picture. I like the beauty of the view from the top. Even the weather is shady, still the green color of trees are lovely.

Ruby Tuesday 2

The monsoon winds

Monsoon is locally known as habagat, according to wikipedia it is traditionally defined as a seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation, but is now used to describe seasonal changes in atmospheric circulation and precipitation associated with the asymmetric heating of land and sea.

Well, here in the Philippines we see, feel and suffer from monsoon wind or hanging habagat and flooding cause of heavy rain. Some areas here in the Philippines today are affected because of this climate. Manila is the number one affected area in the Philippines. Other people are died and many more have been left homeless and dispossessed due to the calamity. In some places of the Philippines, floods and landslide are happens during heavy rains. Thousands of the family being affected are stays in Evacuation Center. Many of our countrymen can share their clothes, food, cash and other basic necessities.

Anyway, thank you Lord because we have not experienced this kind of tragedy in our towns. And let us pray for all the areas and family’s affected.

Thanks Firmoo Online Optical Store

Finally! I got my firmoo glass today for almost two months waiting. I understand because according to you the frame design I selected is not available or out of stock. Then you just replace other frame design of eyeglasses with bracelet accessories. Thank you for the frame design you choose to sent me. I also like the design and the color of the frame. Actually it is very classy, fashionable, perfectly fit to me and cools to my eyes. I can say that my eyes are well protected from the sun.

Anyway, thank you for the unexpected bracelet accessories, I really appreciate it. Thank you very much Firmoo Online Optical for these wonderful giveaway.