The photo below is when my friend and I went to Manila Ocean Park last year. We attract the Fish spa which is the number one attraction of this place. We try to a unique and truly exciting spa experience; we pay Fish spa service for the cost of P120 per person, additional to manila ocean park entrance fee.

Fist step, be sure that your feet will be washed to make it sure that they are clean before you dip them into the clean water. Then after a few second, the hundreds of fish called Doctor Fish or Nibble Fish surrounded our feet and start nibbling. It’s just very tickling at first, causing we laugh and twitch (haha ang gilawgaw parang kinikiliti :-)). We really enjoy the treatment of this fish. We love to watch the fish every time we go to our feet.

After a few minutes we feel our feet was very clean, it’s because the fish gently away our dead skin on our feet and leaving the healthy skin to grow. Anyway, the experiences were very fun and relax.