In our country, more of the Filipino loves to buy ukay-ukay products. Yesterday my friend and I went to ukay-ukay store in Lucena City. The ukay-ukay is very in-demand today, because most of the products comes directly from US. More on the ukay-ukay items will see are a mixture of clothes and other items that could be new signature brands looks like brand-new, and secondhand. More products of the ukay-ukay are very good and strong cottons and not easy to break up.

Here in our town Lucena City, the center of the ukay-ukay trade is in the Quezon Avenue Street. However, there are also small ukay-ukay stores in different parts of Lucena. The ukay-ukay is one of my favorite shopping stores. Because they are many kinds of products you will see in ukay-ukay, like clothes, shoes, bags and everything. Anyway, my friends and I bought secondhand long champ bag, it looks brand new and durable. The prize is very affordable. We are careful to choose of items to buy because some of the items have damages.