@ Fiesta carnival

Because the fiesta is here again in Lucena City, hubby, Vince and I went to carnival located at the back of pacific mall, Lucena City. There are lot of different rides and they have entrance fee cost of 20 pesos each, Vince was really enjoyed to played the toy gun while my hubby was teaches him how to shoot the toy. After that, he saw the dinosaur rides and I also forgive him to ride with me and I also pay the entrance fee for 20 pesos also. Fun fun fun!
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Vince with jejemon

Yesterday, hubby and I dropped by at Pacific Mall Lucena during my duty at Camella, Quezon. After my duty Vince saw the jejemon girl at the prizes prizes toys near at KFC. They have a jejemon girl model in the front of the prizes prizes toys. So, I already took a photo.
 photo jejemon_zps8f5f76d5.jpg


First time to join beauty contest

In schools, beauty pageants are the most common contests for little girls because everybody thinks that this is one entertaining way to get other members of the school to participate. The same can be said when beauty pageants are held in various community-related activities and events.

My niece sister of my nephew Vince was the first time to joined beauty contest in school. She is 4 in half years old, and I am really proud of her because she does not feel shy during the contest. As her auntie I give more support for her, I also help to give her talent costume. Sad, because I do not watched her during the pageant, because I am in Manila for annually awarding of our real estate company. Aside from that I am happy for her because she got 3rd runner up and miss charity award.

Anyway, I am really happy to my niece, hopefully she continues to join beauty pageant until her become mature or adolescence. I know that this beauty contest help her to become confident and to develop herself. Aside from that it helps for the socialization skills of the child and it helps to develop good communication skills
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I post the photo of my niece, although this is not clear, actually I search some other photo of the fb account of my sister but I cannot find the clear copy.

First work of my nephew Vince in School

This post is super late but I just wanted to share the first work of my nephew Vince in school. He got a great score from his teacher Dories. The kind of his first work is to connect the dots and he had successfully done. I also keep and post in his facebook account and I tagged some of his friends because as his second mother I am very proud of him. Anyway, after the school day I also review Vince in our house and teach him another activity like book coloring, identifying the shape and colors to become familiarized.

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Good, because at his early age he doesn’t have tantrums. I gave him prize after he finished the activities that I gave to him. The simple prize that I gave to him is like potchie candy because this candy is one of his favorites and nips chocolate. I’m happy because he has enthusiasm on learning. Its cute when he asked me to help him on writing his name and do some coloring. Of course I did not forget preparing the candies haha because after his work he is asking for his prize.

P.E. Uniform

Last week the teacher of Vince releases P.E. uniform to the student. Vince looks cute and good looking to his uniform. I was glad in everyday because Vince likes to go to school and he does not feel tantrums from the beginning of the school. By the way, we are proud the school of our holy child academy because the children makes look smart and beautiful to their P.E. uniform although there’s not a lot of nursery students but the children are very discipline and smart. Anyhow, I took a photo of Vince before we goes to school, but he is not face it properly in the camera. But this is not hassle to me and I will continue to shoot a photo. Anyway, the one set of uniform is cost of 250 and the schedule of their P.E. is every Friday only.

 photo vinceee_zps91b5c413.jpgThe boys and girls are same P.E uniform. The uniforms are combining with white T-shirt with logo print at the front of the T-shirt and color gray jogging pants with P.E print and name of school at the both side of the pants.


Yesterday, Vince and I was very excited because I also bought bag and some school supplies for him like crayons, pencil, coloring book and paper. Because I enrolled Vince in nursery school although he is 3 years old only last June 18, but he was also love to coloring the book and he likes to go to school. Because the nursery school is near in our Village I just enrolled him, and today is starting of their classes. At first, he was not feeling ashamed just because most of his classmates are his playmates here in our Village.

Anyhow as his second mom, I was very excited; I also prepared his clothes and foods (baon pack). They have 2 hours study in one day. I’m glad because he followed what is the instruction of his teacher, because I just watching Vince at the first day of his class. They have 13 nursery students in his class and I am glad because Vince is behave and does not tantrum. I think Vince really enjoys to the class and hope that he will continue to his study even he is very young.

Watching Movie for the First Time

I love watching movie specially the comedy movie. Yesterday my hubby, Vince and I were watching movie in SM Cinema, the title of movie is Bromance under star cinema film and directed by Wenn Deramas. It is a type of comedy movie starring Zanjoe Marudo’s who is a dual role as brothers, one macho and the other gay.

Anyhow, my little Vince is watching movie for the first time; I just worried that time, because I just thought that his feel tantrums, bored, scared and feel nervous reactions. But I feel wrong because he was really enjoyed to watch when he saw the big screen. Aside from that he also laughed during the people laughed because the movie is comedy type. I also like the good reaction of Vince because he also focus the movie, it looks like an old man hehe. I want capture the photo while Vince laughing but camera is not allowed inside the cinema. That’s why we continue our watching the movie. My hubby and I were really happy the consequence of my little Vince because he did not feel nervous, scared and tantrums for the first time that he watched the movie nevertheless he was really enjoy.

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Kids Inflatable Swimming Pool

Yesterday my hubby Vince and I went to SM Lucena after the check up of Vince. We saw the kiddie swimming pool at the 1st floor of the mall and Vince likes to buy it. My hubby chooses what the best for Vince because we don’t have big space in our simple abode my hubby choose the round shape and fits also for Vince. The kiddie swimming pool is intex brand is cost of 450 pesos only, it’s very affordable and worth it. Well, at home my hubby tried to open the swimming pool and put an air. Because Vince is very excited he was already lying inside and make drunk of his milk haha, very funny. Anyway, Vince swims together with his friends. He was really happy even thought he do not know how to swim.

 photo pool1_zpsd2dbaa79.jpg  photo pool2_zpsf4411d1b.jpg  photo pool3_zps62d0c146.jpg I love this little pool; it is perfect for my little boy Vince.

He wants to write his name

My nephew is 2 years and 6 months old. At his age he wants to know how to write his name. Every time that I wrote he also gets the ball pen and paper to write his name. Actually I did not teach him because at his age he does not know how to write and for me he did not understand the letter because he is also very young. But he becomes tantrums if I did not give to him. So I just bought the paper and pencil for him, and I also try to teach him. I also help her how to write his name even it is hard for me to do it. And then I feel his happiness after he finishes writing his name. Off course I am very happy for him because he wants to learn more everything even he is very young.

Anyway I am glad because the help of youtube my nephew become fast learner and know everything. He also know how to sing bahay kubo, abcd, twinkle little star and happy birthday to you. Even we don’t understand the lyrics but he delivered the right tune of the song. Anyway aside from the song, he knows how to play the games in the pc. Then if ever that he becomes lost he becomes tantrums hahaha, I’m glad because he know how to become win and to become lost. This is my bright nephew!