First work of my nephew Vince in School

This post is super late but I just wanted to share the first work of my nephew Vince in school. He got a great score from his teacher Dories. The kind of his first work is to connect the dots and he had successfully done. I also keep and post in his facebook account and I tagged some of his friends because as his second mother I am very proud of him. Anyway, after the school day I also review Vince in our house and teach him another activity like book coloring, identifying the shape and colors to become familiarized.

 photo vince_zpscb80d02c.jpg
Good, because at his early age he doesn’t have tantrums. I gave him prize after he finished the activities that I gave to him. The simple prize that I gave to him is like potchie candy because this candy is one of his favorites and nips chocolate. I’m happy because he has enthusiasm on learning. Its cute when he asked me to help him on writing his name and do some coloring. Of course I did not forget preparing the candies haha because after his work he is asking for his prize.