Yesterday, Vince and I was very excited because I also bought bag and some school supplies for him like crayons, pencil, coloring book and paper. Because I enrolled Vince in nursery school although he is 3 years old only last June 18, but he was also love to coloring the book and he likes to go to school. Because the nursery school is near in our Village I just enrolled him, and today is starting of their classes. At first, he was not feeling ashamed just because most of his classmates are his playmates here in our Village.

Anyhow as his second mom, I was very excited; I also prepared his clothes and foods (baon pack). They have 2 hours study in one day. I’m glad because he followed what is the instruction of his teacher, because I just watching Vince at the first day of his class. They have 13 nursery students in his class and I am glad because Vince is behave and does not tantrum. I think Vince really enjoys to the class and hope that he will continue to his study even he is very young.