This cute little boy is my nephew. He is son of my sister but my husband and I treated him as our own son. There are times that he is with us. He called me “mama” and to my hubby is “papa”. For nine years that we are married we don’t have our own baby to treasure but I know in God times we will have. Anyway, we love him because he is very energetic and talkative. Sometimes I don’t understand what he saying but I am happy listening to him. He is the one who makes me happy in everyday whenever I’m sad. My husband and I where very thankful to his parents because they let Vince to stay and sleep with us. He was easy to take care through there are times he is having tantrums but it’s normal for his age at 2 years and 5 months old. By the way in this photo, he ate the corneto ice cream; corneto is his favorite ice cream. Because every time the selecta vendors sell his ice cream, Vince knows how to buy. I post this photo because he is look very cute:-).

 photo corneto_zpscb3eb49f.jpg


The photo below is my nephew Vince during trick or treat last year. I am glad because he agreed to put the painting on her face. The paint artist gave me an album to choose what I want to put the design on the face of my nephew. Then I choose a simple design steam with leaves. Because mostly the design are flowers, butterfly in other word mostly are for girls design. I took a photo while the paint artist paints the face of my nephew. Anyway the face painting is free to all the members of this trick or treat. I was excited the result of the painting, but when he finished I also disappointed the result. Because the design of the album I choose did not copied. In other word I don’t like the design, it’s unattractive :-(.
 photo vincetrickortreat_zpsba368730.jpg

He know how to play the game

My nephew Vince is 2 years and 5 months old now. I was happy for his fast development, because at his age he knows how to play the games in the computer. Aside from that he knows how to open the games and how to handle the mouse. Even the mouse is not fit to his hands he also knows how to handle it properly. I think it much better if I can buy the small mouse for him, so I have a plan to buy tomorrow. Anyway, I took a photo during his play the games.

 photo vinceplay_zps47478710.jpg


This angry birds photo is his backpack bag, I just try to remove this angry birds because the zipper of his bag was broken. It‘s look like stuffed toy, that’s why I have a doubt because I remove it, and am not sure his reaction I thought that he becomes tantrums, but good thing because Vince was really happy to his new stuffed toy :-).

Anyway Vince loves stuffed toy, even though he is a boy but he also love to collect any kind of stuffed toy. Yes he is a boy and he had no sign that he is a gay hehe. I know that he is loving and tender children. He likes to sleep around his all stuffed toy. And I took a picture during his drank the milk.

 photo angrybirds1_zpsfbf7472c.jpg

 photo vince2_zps9cfe7d08.jpg


Last week I feel alone at home, and then I decided to go out with my nephew Vince. First, we went to SM to eat in Jolibee and Vince play in wonderpark the playing station for kids. After that we go to the toys store, Vince saw the walking dog stuffed toy. I know that he like it, because he really enjoy watching during the dog stuffed toy is walking with sound. It is a battery operated it cost 80 pesos then I will buy one for him.

dog 1

He was really enjoyed to play his dog stuffed toy because he feels it’s a real dog and he enjoyed during the dog can bark and walk. Vince knows how to operate his toy, then every time he want to play he was operate it.

dog 2


My nephew Vince is 2 years and 4 months old. I can say that he is a fast learner because at his age he knows how to sing ABC alphabet and counting 1 to 10. When he wakes up every morning he sang ABC alphabet. Everyday he watching youtube and I think youtube is one of his reviewer. Every time that I have the time to be with him, I already teach him the alphabet and counting number. Anyway aside from alphabet and counting number he knows to sing the Bahay kubo song. Even though the word is not clear but we understand him.

At his age I am not pressuring to teaching him because he still loves to play all of the time. My next plan to teach him is to identify the color and shapes. I bought toys for him that has the different shapes and color. I think he really enjoy playing while he is learning. I am so proud to his improvement.


Vince loves play at the simple ride jump in SM City Lucena. You can see the photo below he does not scared to played in slide unlike before. My hubby tried to help him but he liked to play himself. I took a photo as a souvenir and perfect for color connection :-). Actually, we went to SM at 10.30 am it’s very early for me, but Vince really enjoyed to play even when he alone.

simple ride jump



I was browsing my fb photo album and I find the photo of my nephew and his eldest sister (my niece). The photo below is when my sister (mother of Vince) and her eldest daughter visited to Vince (the youngest brother) in my simple abode. My sister (mother of Vince) and her hubby was agreed to borrow Vince because we have no baby. My sister brought the bubbles for Vince as pasalubong (homecoming gift). They play the bubbles and happy to each other.

By the way, I was very happy to her pasalubong (homecoming gift) even it is cheap but it’s worth it to her kids because they really enjoy to play and to blow the bubbles, they really appreciate it. The bubbles have visible colors reflecting from the light, and when you touch the bubbles, it’s disappears. I think this is the reason why the kids enjoyed playing the bubbles.

Every time Vince saw the bubbles vendors he asked me to buy; of course I will buy one for him because for me bubbles is a great way to gain eye contact and to develop the self-concept of a child. And the bubbles are fun for everyone and easy to use for the children.



The monkey stuffed toy is very interesting because of his long-arm. Besides, you can hang on your wall or neck like my nephew Vince in the picture below. Wherever he went he carried the monkey stuffed toy on his neck. He also likes the stuffed toy just because of his cute color and made of cotton materials. He really enjoys the sound of stuffed toy monkey when he presses the tummy. Anyway, my SIL daughter had a field trip last week in Manila Zoo. Then my SIL brought color yellow monkey stuffed toy as pasalubong (homecoming gift) for my nephew Vince. I want to say thank you again my SIL for the cute pasalubong, he really appreciate it.