The photo below is my nephew Vince during trick or treat last year. I am glad because he agreed to put the painting on her face. The paint artist gave me an album to choose what I want to put the design on the face of my nephew. Then I choose a simple design steam with leaves. Because mostly the design are flowers, butterfly in other word mostly are for girls design. I took a photo while the paint artist paints the face of my nephew. Anyway the face painting is free to all the members of this trick or treat. I was excited the result of the painting, but when he finished I also disappointed the result. Because the design of the album I choose did not copied. In other word I don’t like the design, it’s unattractive :-(.
 photo vincetrickortreat_zpsba368730.jpg


My neighbor gave me a simple painting display. I am so happy because I have much kind of neighbors here in our Subd. Even they all old than me, but I really appreciate them. The display is very simple; it has a falls forest design and then it looks stunning. I cannot take a photo because my camera had borrowed of my sister. I display the painting in my room it looks expensive but according to my neighbor this is cheap and very an affordable. Later, I just take a photo and then I will post here in my blog.