I took a photo during my nephew Vince sang in Wonder Park at SM mall Lucena. Vince does not feel bashful during he sang. Yes he sang even he does not mentioned the right words of lyrics but the tune is correct based on the right song in videoke player. At his age I say that he has a quick development. Because when he woke up in the morning he calls me then he count 1 to 10 numbers, then after that he asked me something he want to know, then I will answer him. I thought that he will review in everyday. Vince loves singing because every time he heard the song he joins even without proper lyrics appearing in her mouth :-). I was very happy to have an intelligent nephew even sometimes he is very mischievous. Anyway about the picture he was sang his favorite song I don’t want to talk about it, because before he sleeps he wants to listen this song. In her everyday listening he already memorize this song even he impediment and without proper lyrics appearing in her mouth.


He loves playing clay

The image below is one of the shots that I took while Vince is busy playing clay. He started playing clay at the age of two. At his age, he still needs supervision so I make sure I’m always there everytime he’s playing with his clay. I told Vince clay is not a food, good thing because he understands.

He could squeeze the soft clay and make different shapes. The first time he touched the clay he feels seems to be disgusted maybe because it’s very soft. But after a while he already enjoying it and love-making any shape of the clay.

I bought this clay for him because it helps for his development level and squeeze of a simple piece of soft clay is a perfect match. Playing clay helps Vince stimulates his curiosity and to quickly developed his brain.



Vince is turning 2 this coming June 18, he is a bright kid. Last time I bought color wheel and ABC chart for Vince. I will be starting to teach him on counting from 1 to 10 by using his finger. I will teach him to recognize the different colors, study the ABC chart so he will be able to familiar alphabet at the same time learns different words associated with each letter.

Vince is always watching youtube; her favorite to watch are about Jollibee, and any cartoons movie. I felt that he is addicted already, before he could watch I need to see it first or else it might give negative effect to him. Anyway, he started to count using his fingers :-), he speak stammer but I understand what he said. I really enjoy teaching him because at his age he memorizes what I am teaching to him everyday.

Everyday Vince is always eager to learn new things but sometimes it is difficult to get his attention but I am not pushing him because he might get tantrums. Teaching at his age is really fun and we just considered it as a kind of playing.


Yesterday my hubby, Vince and I, went to Pasayahan festival in Lucena City. In the sidewalk of Lucena there are many vendors and entrepreneurs selling different items and foods. Vince saw the balloonman so I got one for him, he chooses the sponge bob balloon. He is really happy when handed this balloon. This is perfect for Mellow Yellow Monday so I am linking this post to them.


Simple Ride-Jump

Simple ride jump in SM Lucena City is the number one fun or amusing for the kids. Everytime that we go to SM, Vince really enjoyed watching the simple ride jump, he likes to play but he is very young that time. In a few months when Vince and I went to SM together with my hubby, Vince really enjoys to watch balloon this is the additional amusing for the kids and very entertaining. Then I let Vince to play the simple ride-jump but he needs my hubby to take care of him. The entrance is very expensive for me :-), for the 20 minutes is cost Php 60.00, 1 hour is cost Php 100.00 and the unlimited hours is cost Php 200.00. Then I have chosen to be 20 minutes only. My hubby and Vince were really enjoyed to play :-), and the 20 minutes is short for the playing of Vince. I say that we are in this place again. And I am glad to say that he did to understand for me :-).

Here are some photos I took.

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Based on wikipedia stuffed toy is a toy sewn from cloth, plush, or other textiles, and stuffed with straw, beans, plastic pellets, cotton, synthetic fibres, or other similar materials. Stuffed toys are also known asplush toys (U.S. English) from plush, the outer material used, and soft toys or cuddly toys (British English).

Stuffed toys are made in many different forms, often resembling animals, legendary creatures, cartoon characters or inanimate objects. They are often used as comfort objects, for display or collecting and given as gifts, such as for graduation, Valentine’s Day or birthdays.

Anyway, Vince and I went to stuffed toy store, its his first time to see different kind of stuffed toy. He immediately ran on the different stuffed toys. They have different kind of stuffed toys display in the mall but he was attracted to teddy bear design. Maybe because teddy bear stuffed toy is very popular and very attractive to the kids. Vince was not satisfied to hug and kiss the big bear, i caught him lying on the bear. Maybe he was comfortable because it is smooth and soft.


My hubby, Vince and I went to Pacific Mall Lucena to buy gift for Vince. Parents in my place decided to give gifts for their children through Santa Claus. We will give the gifts to the person who will pretend as Santa before 24th of December. Then he will come back this December 24 to give the gifts to the children.

Anyway back to the mall we visited, we saw people wearing different costumes they participated in Christmas costume competitions. Vince attracted of course to Santa Claus costume. Vince was very happy and he clapped her hands looking at Santa. I decided to give Vince to Santa Claus to have a souvenir picture but he cried and he felt scared. Maybe because he cannot imagine that he met a moving Santa Claus. Normally, he just see Santa in You tube. Anyway, children believe that Santa Claus is bringing gifts to every houses of good children during the 24th of December. Santa Claus symbolizes Christmas and perhaps the entire winter holiday season.

Vince and I together with Santa Claus and her team.

Vince on Baptismal Party

Today at 11:00 am, Vince and I will be attending the baptismal party of my neighbor’s daughter named Xiana. Xiana is a baby girl and she’s 6 months old. The baptismal party will be celebrated at Apple & Peach restaurant located at Kanlurang Mayao, Lucena City. It’s the best place for all occasions; such as Birthday party, Baptismal day, Christmas party, Wedding celebration, etc. You can get good package depending on your budget. They also have rooms for those who want to stay there.

Anyway about the party, when Vince saw the balloon he asked me “mama bobo mama bobo” bobo means lobo (balloon) but he can’t speak clearly. Then I picked one balloon for him. He was well-behaved the whole time 🙂 because sometimes tantrums attack whenever we are attending special occasions. Because of the balloons he enjoyed the party. Balloons are important to any party especially for kids, because balloons entertain and at the same time beautifies the place.

Vince on the party with his pink balloons (the color of balloons is pink only) he feels sleepy.

Vince was not able to face the camera, because he is busy with his balloon.


I miss my nephew Vince

Last week my hubby and I decided to return my nephew Vince to my mother. He is the son of my sister, but my sister and her husband worked in Manila it’s faraway from our town. For the reason, I need to relax according to my neighbor. My neighbor Tita Lorie is a midwife she tries to touch my ovary, then she asked me that I have a low ovary. It means that low ovarian, generally poor and the possibility of successful pregnancy is very limited and sensitive. Tita Lorie explains me that I need to relax; do not bring the heavy weight, and be careful. She tries to push up my ovary three times. Then we decided to return my baby Vince to my mother. But I cannot forget my baby Vince because we treated him like our own son. In every time that I miss him, I call to my mother to talk Vince, and then Vince asks me mama, mama……I feel alone 🙁 .

Today I decide to visit my nephew, he ask me mama when the first time I saw him. Vince gave me a hug and kiss. Then I decide again to bring Vince but I need to become pregnant. And according to Tita Lorie I need to relax and sacrifice for Vince. Because Vince is almost 1 year old they need to carry all the time. As I said that he is not my own baby but I really treat him like our own son.

Sometimes I feel that I got bored waiting to have a baby. But I need to wait, and I know in God times we will have. I Hope to have a baby soon.