Piluka in Lucena City

Piluka means Pili Luto Kain is located at Ellirey’s Seafood Market, Paluto & Restobar sa Pacific Mall, Lucena City. The restaurant opened last March 4, 2016. If you can see the place, you can find many kinds of food you want to choose to cook it; such as, seafood, meat, lechon, vegetable and many more.

Anyhow, last week March 11, 2016 lunch time, my co pc and I tried to eat lunch there. So we choose 2pc fresh tipalia fish, then I bought it for the cost of 70 pesos. Then we choose Luto ni kuya stall to cook it, then we ordered 2 rice for the cost of 30 because 15 each, then additional ginisang kangkong for the cost of 50, the cook for fried tilapia is 120 total of 270pesos its fairly price but its worth it.
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Thank’s for the experience Piluka till next time 🙂 !


MJD Urban Escape Farm

MJD urban escape farm is a newly dining place located in Brgy. Bocohan, Lucena City. Last month our families go there to celebrate the niece birthday. The place is so romantic and have a cool ambiance. Aside from that the place are perfect for the family bonding, barkada’s, birthday party, seminar and any occasions. Inside the farm you can see the kids’ playground, the volleyball court with white sand, boutique, garden of herbs, garden cafe, mini chapel, stunning view of fine tree, and beautiful view surrounded plants in this area.

Anyhow, the place is 7 hectares and not yet finished but the customers are free to explore the place, and enjoy their Filipino Food. Off course we did not forget the picture-taking. Here are some photos taken.

 photo dining_zps895e31c1.jpg
 photo stunningview_zps99235073.jpg

 photo kidsplayground_zps35df76b6.jpg



I just want to share our snack time experience at the Zymurgy Café. Zymurgy Café is a kind of restaurant has a good food, cool ambiance, or quiet place. Their foods are not just yummy, but also very healthy. We choose this place because it’s near from our home and the place is good for us. Photos below were at the Cafe. They have different kinds of foods to choose from and lots of desserts, drinks, and delicious soups. About the price, it’s affordable. Here are foods we choose;

Thanks for a wonderful experience in this café we really enjoy and we are truly relax and comfortable (halata naman hahaha :-)). Anyway, Zymurgy Café is located at Ma.Cristina BL Granja St., Brgy. V,LucenaCity, near at CAP Building.



Swimming time again!!! My hubby, Vince and I wake up early in the morning to go to the Aroma Beach Resort located at Brgy. Talao-Talao, Dalahican, Lucena City. We wake up at 5am early in the morning then were there at 5.20 am, it also 20 minutes distance from our home in Pagbilao, Quezon. Swimming time early in the morning in the sea is good for Vince because he have the cough and cold.

Anyway this resort is not white sand, its ordinary resort, with ordinary cottage it makes the bamboo tree and the coconut leaves. There’s no entrance fee, but you can pay the cottage cost P75.00 or 1 ½ dollar and P 10.00 or ¼ dollar for the parking of your vehicle. If you want to go to the white sand they have a boat for rent it cost P250.00 or 6.2 dollars its almost 20 minutes from the cottage. This white sand is a small place and many people will go there to see the beautiful white sand. It is the small white sand for the people who cannot afford the real white sand beach like boracay :-). About the facilities they have an ordinary comport room one for boys and one for girls. And if you want to rent the flotation device or timbulan is also available it cost P 25.00 or almost ½ dollar for the whole day. I forgot to bring my camera; I post this photo last year because there’s no changes the place :-).

Simple Ride-Jump

Simple ride jump in SM Lucena City is the number one fun or amusing for the kids. Everytime that we go to SM, Vince really enjoyed watching the simple ride jump, he likes to play but he is very young that time. In a few months when Vince and I went to SM together with my hubby, Vince really enjoys to watch balloon this is the additional amusing for the kids and very entertaining. Then I let Vince to play the simple ride-jump but he needs my hubby to take care of him. The entrance is very expensive for me :-), for the 20 minutes is cost Php 60.00, 1 hour is cost Php 100.00 and the unlimited hours is cost Php 200.00. Then I have chosen to be 20 minutes only. My hubby and Vince were really enjoyed to play :-), and the 20 minutes is short for the playing of Vince. I say that we are in this place again. And I am glad to say that he did to understand for me :-).

Here are some photos I took.

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VSJ Bird Park is located at St. Jude Subd., Lucena City, Quezon 1.5km (walking distance) along SM City Lucena. This is the one kind of Amenities of this Subdivision. Bird Park serves as an additional learning spot for students within Lucena and nearby towns. In cooperation with the DENR, Bird Park shelters injured animals and release them when they are ready for the wild. Animals while at the Bird Park are being nursed by seasoned caretakers. St. Jude Satellite City also has picnic and camping grounds that you don’t need to go far to have a fun day with your kids.

My hubby, Vince and I were visiting this place. They have more animals like snake, monkey, and different kinds of birds from different places and etc. This VSJ Bird Park is no entrance fee; it is free for all who would like to visit this place.