I miss my nephew Vince

Last week my hubby and I decided to return my nephew Vince to my mother. He is the son of my sister, but my sister and her husband worked in Manila it’s faraway from our town. For the reason, I need to relax according to my neighbor. My neighbor Tita Lorie is a midwife she tries to touch my ovary, then she asked me that I have a low ovary. It means that low ovarian, generally poor and the possibility of successful pregnancy is very limited and sensitive. Tita Lorie explains me that I need to relax; do not bring the heavy weight, and be careful. She tries to push up my ovary three times. Then we decided to return my baby Vince to my mother. But I cannot forget my baby Vince because we treated him like our own son. In every time that I miss him, I call to my mother to talk Vince, and then Vince asks me mama, mama……I feel alone 🙁 .

Today I decide to visit my nephew, he ask me mama when the first time I saw him. Vince gave me a hug and kiss. Then I decide again to bring Vince but I need to become pregnant. And according to Tita Lorie I need to relax and sacrifice for Vince. Because Vince is almost 1 year old they need to carry all the time. As I said that he is not my own baby but I really treat him like our own son.

Sometimes I feel that I got bored waiting to have a baby. But I need to wait, and I know in God times we will have. I Hope to have a baby soon.