Vince on Baptismal Party

Today at 11:00 am, Vince and I will be attending the baptismal party of my neighbor’s daughter named Xiana. Xiana is a baby girl and she’s 6 months old. The baptismal party will be celebrated at Apple & Peach restaurant located at Kanlurang Mayao, Lucena City. It’s the best place for all occasions; such as Birthday party, Baptismal day, Christmas party, Wedding celebration, etc. You can get good package depending on your budget. They also have rooms for those who want to stay there.

Anyway about the party, when Vince saw the balloon he asked me “mama bobo mama bobo” bobo means lobo (balloon) but he can’t speak clearly. Then I picked one balloon for him. He was well-behaved the whole time 🙂 because sometimes tantrums attack whenever we are attending special occasions. Because of the balloons he enjoyed the party. Balloons are important to any party especially for kids, because balloons entertain and at the same time beautifies the place.

Vince on the party with his pink balloons (the color of balloons is pink only) he feels sleepy.

Vince was not able to face the camera, because he is busy with his balloon.