Vince is turning 2 this coming June 18, he is a bright kid. Last time I bought color wheel and ABC chart for Vince. I will be starting to teach him on counting from 1 to 10 by using his finger. I will teach him to recognize the different colors, study the ABC chart so he will be able to familiar alphabet at the same time learns different words associated with each letter.

Vince is always watching youtube; her favorite to watch are about Jollibee, and any cartoons movie. I felt that he is addicted already, before he could watch I need to see it first or else it might give negative effect to him. Anyway, he started to count using his fingers :-), he speak stammer but I understand what he said. I really enjoy teaching him because at his age he memorizes what I am teaching to him everyday.

Everyday Vince is always eager to learn new things but sometimes it is difficult to get his attention but I am not pushing him because he might get tantrums. Teaching at his age is really fun and we just considered it as a kind of playing.