My hubby, Vince and I went to Pacific Mall Lucena to buy gift for Vince. Parents in my place decided to give gifts for their children through Santa Claus. We will give the gifts to the person who will pretend as Santa before 24th of December. Then he will come back this December 24 to give the gifts to the children.

Anyway back to the mall we visited, we saw people wearing different costumes they participated in Christmas costume competitions. Vince attracted of course to Santa Claus costume. Vince was very happy and he clapped her hands looking at Santa. I decided to give Vince to Santa Claus to have a souvenir picture but he cried and he felt scared. Maybe because he cannot imagine that he met a moving Santa Claus. Normally, he just see Santa in You tube. Anyway, children believe that Santa Claus is bringing gifts to every houses of good children during the 24th of December. Santa Claus symbolizes Christmas and perhaps the entire winter holiday season.

Vince and I together with Santa Claus and her team.