He loves playing clay

The image below is one of the shots that I took while Vince is busy playing clay. He started playing clay at the age of two. At his age, he still needs supervision so I make sure I’m always there everytime he’s playing with his clay. I told Vince clay is not a food, good thing because he understands.

He could squeeze the soft clay and make different shapes. The first time he touched the clay he feels seems to be disgusted maybe because it’s very soft. But after a while he already enjoying it and love-making any shape of the clay.

I bought this clay for him because it helps for his development level and squeeze of a simple piece of soft clay is a perfect match. Playing clay helps Vince stimulates his curiosity and to quickly developed his brain.


14 thoughts on “He loves playing clay”

  1. Playing with clay does help stimulate a child’s creativity. Even as an adult, I love mashing clay between my fingers 🙂 It’s good that Vince enjoys that.

  2. My kids loved playing clay when they were about Vince’s age, too. Apart from them being able to exercise their creativity, they got to learn colors and shapes as well.

  3. play-doh was one of my favorite “toys” as a kid! I remember asking my mom to get me those shapemakers so i can create burgers, fries, and other stuff with them. i think its a great stimulant for young minds because it encourages imagination. 🙂

  4. Funny because last xmas I bought a lot of clay toys for my goddaughters and I bought one box for me coz I love those tiny and colorful cake design. When I’m trying to copy them, I cant! Haha, maybe I just don’t have the patience but my clay does not look like anything.. Lol! The kids are better than me!

  5. I grew up playing with clay often and until now I still enjoy mashing clas with my kids hihi, really brings out one’s creativity, enjoy Vince!

  6. my kids also loves to play with clay… the problem is keeping the colors intact… as soon as they were done with it… only one color remains… and its the combination of all… LOL. Yahweh bless.

  7. It’s fun to play with clay. Just make sure to always clean or wash the clay after every use because it very attracted to dust and bacteria. My little boy played the clay once but because he got sick because of some allergens I gave the clay toys to other kids. Until now we avoided him to play with clay maybe when he gets bigger or age 7 up.

  8. I agree. This thing can also develop his creativity along with the imagination that he has. Its colors are also very stimulating.

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