I took a photo during my nephew Vince sang in Wonder Park at SM mall Lucena. Vince does not feel bashful during he sang. Yes he sang even he does not mentioned the right words of lyrics but the tune is correct based on the right song in videoke player. At his age I say that he has a quick development. Because when he woke up in the morning he calls me then he count 1 to 10 numbers, then after that he asked me something he want to know, then I will answer him. I thought that he will review in everyday. Vince loves singing because every time he heard the song he joins even without proper lyrics appearing in her mouth :-). I was very happy to have an intelligent nephew even sometimes he is very mischievous. Anyway about the picture he was sang his favorite song I don’t want to talk about it, because before he sleeps he wants to listen this song. In her everyday listening he already memorize this song even he impediment and without proper lyrics appearing in her mouth.