This cute little boy is my nephew. He is son of my sister but my husband and I treated him as our own son. There are times that he is with us. He called me “mama” and to my hubby is “papa”. For nine years that we are married we don’t have our own baby to treasure but I know in God times we will have. Anyway, we love him because he is very energetic and talkative. Sometimes I don’t understand what he saying but I am happy listening to him. He is the one who makes me happy in everyday whenever I’m sad. My husband and I where very thankful to his parents because they let Vince to stay and sleep with us. He was easy to take care through there are times he is having tantrums but it’s normal for his age at 2 years and 5 months old. By the way in this photo, he ate the corneto ice cream; corneto is his favorite ice cream. Because every time the selecta vendors sell his ice cream, Vince knows how to buy. I post this photo because he is look very cute:-).

 photo corneto_zpscb3eb49f.jpg