First time to join beauty contest

In schools, beauty pageants are the most common contests for little girls because everybody thinks that this is one entertaining way to get other members of the school to participate. The same can be said when beauty pageants are held in various community-related activities and events.

My niece sister of my nephew Vince was the first time to joined beauty contest in school. She is 4 in half years old, and I am really proud of her because she does not feel shy during the contest. As her auntie I give more support for her, I also help to give her talent costume. Sad, because I do not watched her during the pageant, because I am in Manila for annually awarding of our real estate company. Aside from that I am happy for her because she got 3rd runner up and miss charity award.

Anyway, I am really happy to my niece, hopefully she continues to join beauty pageant until her become mature or adolescence. I know that this beauty contest help her to become confident and to develop herself. Aside from that it helps for the socialization skills of the child and it helps to develop good communication skills
 photo rhianejade_zpsc677a530.jpg

I post the photo of my niece, although this is not clear, actually I search some other photo of the fb account of my sister but I cannot find the clear copy.