He wants to write his name

My nephew is 2 years and 6 months old. At his age he wants to know how to write his name. Every time that I wrote he also gets the ball pen and paper to write his name. Actually I did not teach him because at his age he does not know how to write and for me he did not understand the letter because he is also very young. But he becomes tantrums if I did not give to him. So I just bought the paper and pencil for him, and I also try to teach him. I also help her how to write his name even it is hard for me to do it. And then I feel his happiness after he finishes writing his name. Off course I am very happy for him because he wants to learn more everything even he is very young.

Anyway I am glad because the help of youtube my nephew become fast learner and know everything. He also know how to sing bahay kubo, abcd, twinkle little star and happy birthday to you. Even we don’t understand the lyrics but he delivered the right tune of the song. Anyway aside from the song, he knows how to play the games in the pc. Then if ever that he becomes lost he becomes tantrums hahaha, I’m glad because he know how to become win and to become lost. This is my bright nephew!