Are you familiar in granadillas fruit? Anyway, about granadillas it is a type of

granadillas fruit, the photo is not mine

orange fruits. The color is yellow and the shape is round if you open you can see the seeds inside. Granadillas shell is hard and shiny. The taste is like the orange juice and the smell is like a guava fruit. My neighbor was selling the granadilla’s juice, according to him granadilla’s juice is not familiar to everyone. Because it is a new product invented by one of his friends. I also interested because the taste is good and perfect for the cough and cold. Then I was search the internet about the granadilla’s fruit. I was not totally shocked when I saw the fruit hehe; because the fruit was very familiar to me is called mirenda in our hometown and ordinary fruit.

I was happy for the new juice product of granadilla’s fruit because it is favorites of my hubby and my loving nephew. The one bottle of juice is cost of P45.00, very affordable price; the one bottle is exactly for one week to us. Because the juice is pure, I just take a little juice then I will add water and a little bit of sugar. Anyway, based on my research the granadillas is called the passion fruit. The fruit is rich for antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

granadillas juice