Yesterday my hubby and I went to SM Lucena City to find a Halloween costume for Vince. I want to join him again on trick or treat this coming Halloween in SM Lucena. So, we started to find a nice costume for him. We just started at Toy Kingdom to find costumes. They have many different costumes for Halloween, but we cannot buy it because all of the costumes are scary we will try to find the other store or will wait maybe nextweek to find again the new costume maybe they sell cute costume like animals. Last year the costume of Vince is pumpkin when he joined the trick or treat in SM. He looks very cute to his costume, I want to wear it again for him, but I just worried because it’s petite to him.

Anyway, they have a scary Halloween display in Toy Kingdom. My hubby tried to wear the scary mascara, and then Vince never comes to my hubby he feels scared. I took a photo as a simple souvenir. Here is the photo’s taken at Toy Kingdom.

Vince is looking scared to my hubby while he is wearing the scary mascara.
Vince with pumpkin costume and his fan hahaha!!! (last year)



The photo below is the one beautiful attraction of La Virginia Resort in Brgy. Mataas na Kahoy, Lipa Batangas. This is a tree house; you can see the beauty of the whole resort in the top of the tree house, and the stunning view of Taal Volcano. My hubby took a picture as a souvenir. Everywhere you turned in this resort you will see many beautiful attractions. This is the one beautiful attraction he captured. Anyway the photo below is last year during our family celebrated the holly week in La Virginia Resort for 2 days and 1 night. I was tried to open again my photo album in my fb account, and I also find this photo.

This is the stunning view of tree house.
This is me in the photo; inside the tree house.
This is the top of the tree house and the stunning view of Taal Volcano.


I was browsing my fb photo album and I find the photo of my nephew and his eldest sister (my niece). The photo below is when my sister (mother of Vince) and her eldest daughter visited to Vince (the youngest brother) in my simple abode. My sister (mother of Vince) and her hubby was agreed to borrow Vince because we have no baby. My sister brought the bubbles for Vince as pasalubong (homecoming gift). They play the bubbles and happy to each other.

By the way, I was very happy to her pasalubong (homecoming gift) even it is cheap but it’s worth it to her kids because they really enjoy to play and to blow the bubbles, they really appreciate it. The bubbles have visible colors reflecting from the light, and when you touch the bubbles, it’s disappears. I think this is the reason why the kids enjoyed playing the bubbles.

Every time Vince saw the bubbles vendors he asked me to buy; of course I will buy one for him because for me bubbles is a great way to gain eye contact and to develop the self-concept of a child. And the bubbles are fun for everyone and easy to use for the children.



The photo below is the beads bracelet that I made and I want to share it with you. My last week post is about the profit of beads bracelet. Because I like the beads, I made it sideline income. I am also happy with the results because it’s easy to sell especially to the teenagers. I was made a variety of design even I sleep deeply at night to make beads bracelet. Because I just really enjoy making a different design of beads bracelet, I do not realize the time. At the first time to make a bracelet, I feel a little hard to form a different design. But now it’s easy to be learned because of the everyday makes different design and have many ideas to formed.

Anyway, the photo below is the example of my finish product. I tried to upload in my facebook account and tag to all my friends. I was really happy because they liked my work. Some of them were ordered and others I will sell at home. And I would also like to thank my sister because she helps me to sell in their company.



Balut eggs are very common to us, it is called duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. It is a common food in everyday life and anyone knows balut eggs are more calories, protein and fats. I am one of those people who eat balut egg except the fetus of duck inside. A ballot egg is from a duck contains a high protein and fat. Anyway, balut are mostly sold by street vendors. It is commonly sold as streetfood here in the Philippines. Like the photo below, every night around 7:00pm to 9:00pm the balut vendors sell her balut and chicharon baboy in our Subdivision. I took a photo during my neighbors eat balut with salt and vinegar.


Another photo below when my nephew Vince goes outside the house after he eats balut. Yes, he loves to eat balut and everytime he heard balut vendors I bought one for him. I was really amazed because he eats a fetus of duck while I do not want to eat like that.



The monkey stuffed toy is very interesting because of his long-arm. Besides, you can hang on your wall or neck like my nephew Vince in the picture below. Wherever he went he carried the monkey stuffed toy on his neck. He also likes the stuffed toy just because of his cute color and made of cotton materials. He really enjoys the sound of stuffed toy monkey when he presses the tummy. Anyway, my SIL daughter had a field trip last week in Manila Zoo. Then my SIL brought color yellow monkey stuffed toy as pasalubong (homecoming gift) for my nephew Vince. I want to say thank you again my SIL for the cute pasalubong, he really appreciate it.




Every morning, I was watching Umagang kay ganda on Abs-Cbn channel 2. I feel sad because when I opened the tv there’s no power supply. My hubby tried to check the outlet of tv and cable wire. But he did not find the problem of tv. He suggests to bringing the electronic repair shop but for me we need to buy new tv because this is the second time to broken and aside from that it almost 14 years old hehe :-)! This tv is old model sharp but for me its inflexible and the picture is good quality.

For now we do not know what we are doing the broken tv. My hubby and I went to the appliances store and tried to canvass the good price and good branded of tv. Just because the flat screen tv is in demand today, we interested the Led Samsung Flat Screen. Because the Samsung latest flat screen Tvs revolutionary technologies and eye-catching designs that transform your home entertainment into a truly breathtaking experience. And some Samsung Lcd and plasma TVs feature Touch of Color —a eye-catching, new design with a hint of red naturally blended into the traditional piano black frame.

Yes we are interested the new Led Samsung Flat Screen tv even though it is expensive but not sure yet to buy hehe….. We just also try to canvasss :-)!


The ballpen below is a simple souvenir of Marriott Hotel in Manila during my younger brother attended seminar. The one requirements of my younger brother in their school is all the graduating students are need to attend the seminar in Marriott Hotel in Manila. The seminar is 2 days and 1 night. My younger brother is running for graduating this coming March 2013. He taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management in CSTC Sariaya, Quezon. His regular OJT /On-Job-Training in Kamayan sa Palaisdaan province of Lucban, Quezon. I know this restaurant is very popular to us. According to my brother he always enjoys his duties in this restaurant. I think just because some of the customer gives the tip to him. Anyway thanks to the ballpen as simple souvenir gives my brother to me. He asked me, ate! take care of this ballpen because it is a souvenir of Marriott Hotel in Manila 🙂 .


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Because I feel bored, I already spend time to my neighbor’s house (Tita Rosie). She has a grandmother of her 4 years old grandchild. We are talked to each other, laughter and etc. By the way the tumbler photo is coming from her, she give to my nephew Vince; according to her the tumbler is free from lactum milk ages 3-6 years old. Vince was very happy because he asked me that time, “mama I want tumbler” when he saw the tumbler in the table, then Tita Rosie give her. My loving nephew called me mama and to my hubby called papa, yes, just because Vince is in our care and taken at the age of 1-year-old then he already 2 years old now. Anyway, one time I bought Vince lactum milk I was looked with tumbler or any free materials or devices, but at her age 2 there is no free. The tumbler is favorite drinking glass of Vince, I want to say thank you for the kindness of my neighbor.