Yesterday my hubby and I went to SM Lucena City to find a Halloween costume for Vince. I want to join him again on trick or treat this coming Halloween in SM Lucena. So, we started to find a nice costume for him. We just started at Toy Kingdom to find costumes. They have many different costumes for Halloween, but we cannot buy it because all of the costumes are scary we will try to find the other store or will wait maybe nextweek to find again the new costume maybe they sell cute costume like animals. Last year the costume of Vince is pumpkin when he joined the trick or treat in SM. He looks very cute to his costume, I want to wear it again for him, but I just worried because it’s petite to him.

Anyway, they have a scary Halloween display in Toy Kingdom. My hubby tried to wear the scary mascara, and then Vince never comes to my hubby he feels scared. I took a photo as a simple souvenir. Here is the photo’s taken at Toy Kingdom.

Vince is looking scared to my hubby while he is wearing the scary mascara.
Vince with pumpkin costume and his fan hahaha!!! (last year)